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Is it possible?

Hi so just trying to get some opinions on if anyone thinks I could be pregnant. I started taking ovulation tests this month. On the 2nd I got a high then on the 3rd I got peak. My husband and I had intercourse 3 days prior to high and every day but one till 2 days after peak ovulation. I had the egg white mucus for 3 days. Then 3 days after the peak reading I had a dime sized amount if brownish dischrge. I now am 6dpo and am having white creamy discharge. It's not a huge amount but definitly noticable. I'm also having slight cramping and some lower back pain. Breasts feel a bit more full. We are Trying to concieve. Hoping this month could really be it!
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Am I Pregnant?


Any suggestions?

I'm now 8dpo. Have had lower back aches for days. Mild cramping off and on for a few days. Woke up this morning with sore breasts. I don't have much cm. But what is there is creamy white. Anyone know how long the cramping and back ache usually lasts? I'm trying to wait till I'm due for af before I test.

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