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Flu-like Symptoms

So my husband and I have been trying for about 2 years to get pregnant. We did out first round of clomid this month. I ovulated on CD 13 we were intimate 2 das before ovulation day of and day after and I am on CD 18 today. I woke up this morning at 3am vomiting, had diarrhea, uterus is crampy and sore, headache and 100.8 fever. Is it to early to be showing pregnancy symptoms or do I just have a touch of the flu bug?

Am I Pregnant?


So 7-11 DPO been having mild hot flushes on a night. Slight pain and cramping in abdomen. Felt a bit sickly sometimes and been a little bit faint. AF isnt due until another 4 days is it to early for pregnancy signs? Is it all in my head or am i pregnant? This is my first time at ttc and been on birth control for 7 years been ttc for 3 months. Please leave ur votes

I have had all the same. Now 15 DPO and still bfn with no sign of AF and lots of CM daily... Keep us posted and good luck!!!

I am currently 7 dpo still running fever and diarrhea. Vomiting once daily now instead of multiple days. Hcg blood tet being done Monday. Wish me luck!!

My husband and I had intercourse the day after my suspected ovulation date. I understand the 24 hr egg rule, but remember, the date was "suspected." We are only in the beginning, cautious phase of trying to get pregnant. I usually run in the high 96's low 97's temperature-wise, but have been between 97 and 99 since ~1dpo. One day after (~2dpo), I became a little fatigued, a bit cramped, irritable, occasional migraines and slightly queasy. The symptoms kept becoming more noticeable as the days have progresses. It's important to note that these are all period symptoms for me but they've never started that early. Every afternoon/evening I would get a bit nauseated. However, today (~8dpo) I feel like I got hit by a flu truck. I feel ridiculously nauseated, feeling like I could get sick at any moment (far worse than before). Before this flu truck hit (Severe nausea, fever ramping up to 100.8, but holding steady there, aches (esp. lower back pain and leg), and a bit of chills). Pretty much right before getting hit by the proverbial flu truck, I got a sharp lower abdominal pain that weakened right after, but I can still feel (implantation?). Having no idea, I'd taken a few of those early pregnancy test through this morning with nothing. 1) Do you think I'm pregnant or just have the flu? 2) If it was implantation, how long until you think I should test again? My period is very regular (with only deviations in times on great stress) and I'm due for my period in 4 days. **All tracking was done with the My Calendar Droid app** I'd really appreciate any insight in this!

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