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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP on 10 DPO :)

I didn't expect to be writing this so soon, but I am completely excited and happy to receive the
blessing of being able to post about my BFP :) I recorded each symptom in detail (and some details
may be TMI) I am 30, and DH is 35. We have a DS who is 6 and a DS who is 4. We started trying for
our third baby in Feb and didn't conceive, tried again in March and here we are...a BFP :)

I have cycles ranging between 25-27 days. I ovulated on March 28th (used an OPK and tested CM).
During ovulation and on the day before, I had CM with a brown tint. I knew that meant I was very
fertile. We BD'd on March 22, 26, 27 and 28th. I O'ed on the 28th.

The things I did to help in conceiving...I BD'd before and on the day of ovulation. We did it
missionary position (even though I think its but I made sure to use a vibrator (pocket
rocket kind, not one that inserts) and reach orgasm after he ejaculated. I think that is what made
this happen :)

Here are my TWW symptoms leading up to my BFP on 10 dpo :)

O Day: Lower Cramping, Sharp Twinges, EWCM w/Brown Tint

1DPO- Slight Cramping in lower stomach, Sharp Twinges on my lower left side. My CM was very wet
and creamy.

2DPO- Early morning lower stomach cramping, Nipples Sore, Hot flash, Slight Nausea off/on. My
CM was creamy with globs of white. Definitely unusual for me because it is usually dry after
ovulation. It never dried up again.

3DPO- Peeing more, Slight cramping, Very slight breast pain, Hard BM, Nausea off/on and getting
a bit more tired. My CM was like white lotion and a lot of it.

4DPO- Peeing during the night, 1am woke up with gas pain, Lower stomach cramping off/on, Tired,
Off/on sharp pain in right breast, Slight sore throat. My CM was creamy white and wet.

5DPO- Peeing during the night, Slight sore breasts, hungry, AF type cramps, Slight twinges in lower
stomach, Belly button pulling pain (very weird), Loose BM. My CM was creamy and white...

6DPO- Vaginal pain all day (it was like sharp twinges right in my vaginal area, so weird), Nausea,
Metallic taste in mouth, Peeing more, Lower cramps, Side breast tenderness off/on, Lower back
pain begins...and Heartburn.

7DPO- Falling asleep earlier (can't even make it through my favorite shows), Had a dream about
being pregnant, Random nausea throughout the day, Breasts achy, Nipples sore, Peeing more
urgently, Lower cramps, Heartburn, Off/on pulling burning pain around belly button again,
Increased smell. My CM was coming out in globs of white, very

8DPO (Implantation day)- Weird Dreams, Cramping during the night, Sore gums in the morning,
Sore nipples, Lots of CM, Can't stand the taste of ranch dressing and I usually love it. Sharp twinges
of spotting but definitely implantation pain.

9DPO- Crampy (sort of like AF), Lower back ache, Nausea off and on, Hot, Slight sore nipples,
Lower ache in my stomach, Peeing more, Starving although I get nausea halfway during the meal.
I actually had to spit out food into a napkin at a restaurant because I literally couldn't swallow it
without throwing up. The back pain is more noticeable and my CM is very wet and white, and lots
of it.

10DPO- FMU tested and faint BFP. I was in shock. Crampy, pressure and fullness in lower stomach,
peeing more, more saliva, Lower back pain, Off/on nausea, tested again with afternoon urine and
another faint positive. Sharp breast pain continues...

11DPO- Tested FMU and dark BFP!! All symptoms continue...

Here I am now, today April 13th, and I am 4 weeks 0 days pregnant. I still have sore nipples and
slightly achy breasts, I am more tired and my CM is still white and creamy, sometimes wet. I need
to wear a panty liner because there is a lot of it. My lower back still aches especially if I sit for too
long, and the cramps are off/on, very mild. I am having mood swings and craving rice cakes with
chicken salad on them. I went to bed last night at 7pm, and slept until my oldest son had to get
up for kindergarten.

I don't have any morning sickness yet (other than off/on nausea which is slight) With my two
previous pregnancies I didn't get morning sickness until my 5/6 week, so that should be coming.
I never threw up with my morning sickness, but the nausea was absolutely :)

I feel fine right now other than the above, but nothing severe yet, however I am still early on in the
pregnancy. I am sure the miserable symptoms will start Good luck to all of you and may
your BFP's come soon. :) Any questions you may have, I will gladly answer :) 


I really enjoyed reading your post and congratulations on your third pregnancy. However I think you should remove the phrase  "miserable" symptoms... just be grateful that you are pregnant!  I am 33 years old and still childless and having spent 2 years trying to conceive with stage 4 endometriosis, 1 operation to remove a 6cm ovarian cyst, and my first ever pregnancy ending in early miscarriage at the beginning of this month, I would love to feel ALL the symptons of pregnancy. Morning sickness, fatigue, swollen ankles, back pain - BRING IT ON and never let me think that any of those symptoms are anything but a wonderful reminder of the life growing inside my gloriously swollen belly..... hopefully one day I can look forward to feeling those "glorious" symptoms.

I appreciate your comment, but truthfully, some of the symptoms are miserable. They are glorious in a miserable way...Some times the nausea can get so terrible that its actually hard to get out of bad..And its not a matter of being ungrateful..Its simply stating a fact. It is amazing to have a life growing inside of me, and I appreciate every moment of it, but trust me some of the time you do feel like your body is sending you through a roller coaster....Good luck and I wish you a BFP :) 

Forgot to mention, I am truly sorry for your miscarriage. I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel. I have slight endo, and I have a history of ovarian cysts, none that had to be removed though. I truly, from the bottom of my heart, wish you a BFP very soon, and never give up....I was not trying to be ungrateful. I was simply saying that pregnancy is hard, and although it is the most incredible blessing of my life, some days are hard to get through..but Im not complaining..In my original post, I posted a "lol" after the miserable, it was simply a statement that I believe to be true....Being pregnant is wonderful, but sometimes your body does feel like crap...but the moment that little baby looks in your eyes and you see this amazing creation that somehow you had the blessing of being apart of...its heaven. I wish you that happiness... :) 

Just to say thanks for posting this very comprehensive list of your symptoms - Oh and GL!

You are very welcome. Good luck to you as well :)

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SYMPTOMS ARE NOT FUN..dont care what anyone says i was pregnant once and the nausea is unbearable at times,...constant nightmares not being able to sleep etc.. i was grateful every day for being pregnant but did not enjoy the symptoms

and congrats on your bfp...the end makes it all worth it :)

Hi. Today I am 10dpo. Yesterday was hit with this incredible wave of nausea. My husband threw up today. Haven't had any other symptoms but i definitely feel differently than usual. I'm having dull cramping this morning. So idk cause I do get them before the witch shows up. Well that's it for me. What do you think?

Me again. I forgot to mention that for the past few days I've h flu-like symptoms such as terrible nonstop headache and sore throat. Still have the sore throat. Diarrhea yesterday and today. Don't u hate it when you get out the shower and have to go soon after? Ugh.. anyway not much cm. Other than that just waiting to test. Af due on the 3rd. Baby dust to all. Pls comment. Thanks

Really! You don't need to apologize at all, you did not sound ungrateful! I thought I was funny and cute:0) I've been through a lot and I may never be able to conceive, but that would never make say something nasty or hateful towards a pregnant woman. Congrats on your BLESSING!

Since ovulation I've had mild cramping daily on my left side and yesterday at 9dpo I had sudden sharp twinges for about an hour or two. I had slight nausea at 8dpo and 9dpo with increased cm. Has anyone had these symptoms and got a bfp? Baby dust to all!

I'm now on 10 dpo AF due to make apperance on June 3rd fingers crossed I hope not tested yesterday got a BFN 1 dpo cramps nausea 2 dpo cramps bloating gassy cm 3dpo cramps headaches nausea back pain 4 dpo cramps Sharp pains bloating backpain nausea cm a lot when I wipe 5 dpo cramps bloating gassy cm twinges twitches in my lower stomach 6 dpo flu like symptoms nausea cramps bloating Sharp cramps constipated tmi pains in my lower stomach back pain cm I'm currently 10 dpo today woke up to Sharp cramps temp stays elevated past couple days no drop at all gonna test 14 dpo praying for a BFN :) Baby Dust to everyone

I too have been having cramping and back aches yesterday and today (9DPO and 10DPO) and am hoping and praying. Im coming directly off the back of a M/C at 10weeks so not really sure if we BD at the right time because my cycle was all messed up. I tested this morning and BFN... Anyone else have cramps and back ache around 10dpo eventuate into BFP?

I lost ma 9 mnth old bby gal in Jan since dn I hv been hving frequent periods dat cum evry 15 days. I hv been TTC and I have all d symptoms am 2 days late I dnt know if its possible 2 get pregnant with ma frequent periods am praying 4 a BFP on Friday... Congra 2 u ol.

I was curious what test you were using that showed your positives so early?? I believe I am 10dpo and am experiencing a LOT of the same signs as you used an EPT test and it read neg this morning. But just curious if maybe I need a more sensitive test, or what you tried?? Thanks a bunch!

Yes I hve experienced all these symptoms but end up af came. I am 8 dpo and hopeful. I feel many times its postergen that is causing those symptoms. Pregnancy symptoms will not be so early. Usually it will only come one week later after you tested positive bfp. That happens to my first pregnancy.

Hey, i suffer from severe pcos, ive been on hormone treatment for the past 10 months, i think i ovulated around the 11th Oct i started having sore boobs a week after this, started off as a cramp on my right breast and now some slight pains now and again and very sensitive nipples on both breats, ive never experienced sore breasts/ nipples before this so this is different for me. Also woke up today with a lower belly pain, seemed like a lot of pressure but not the normal period pains, got better as the day progressed but i feel pressure especially when i sit down. Been having cramps also but thats normal for me before my period is due... I hope im pregnant but afraid of testing and getting a negative result... Again!

I m very excited today i get a faint positive hpt ! This is only our second month of trying ! Pls everyone keep me in your prayer ...

Yes, having it on 10DPO brown discharge today sounds like I am having now and twinges in my belly, Shooting pain on my boobs. too eary for my AF. Hoping my brown discharge won't end to AF. Good luck to your cycle.!  Congrats on your BFP :)

9 dpo yesterday symptoms IDENTICAL to mine as well as so far today matching. ....I haven't tested too afraid after 10 years of trying....I can't deal lol....a false negative or positive would be disheartening so I am trying to be patient but when I read your symptoms...I have a glimmer of dust prayers....

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