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Ovulating right after period

hello ladies!

this is only my 3rd month ttc my 2nd child. My periods are very irregular and I've found it difficult to find out when I ovulate. It was this month that I realized that I was getting more ewcm 2 days after my period ended. I was having menstrual cramps around that time, also. My ovulation kit detected that i was in fact ovulating! Is it possible to ovulate that early??? My husband and I BD'd that second day after my period, skipped a day, and did it again. I know It's WAAAY too early to be having symptoms but why am I having cramps 8 days later?? Please give my some advice! Thanks :)


With my baby #7, I ovulated and got pregnant on day 6. Entirely possible. FX for you!

A positive six days after intercourse???? If so, that gives me hope :)

I ovulate right after my period. I ovulate usually between CDs 9 to 14 it's always been between those days.: ) it's very positive. How many days past ovulation are? What symptoms

I started my period 4 days early on the 13th and ended the 17th. I started having egg white discharge on the 19th and cramping following. I had a headache,  constipation and REALLY bad gas yesterday (sorry...embarrassing). I think we've been "trying" too late in my cycle. Thank you so much for replying! It means a lot :)

Just wanted to chime in and say I think I O really early too. I'm temping this month so we shall see...

OH GOOD!! We can try this together!! Keep me posted! BABY DUST TO US :) :)

Brit, I checked my chart from last month. I started getting positive OPK on CD 10 and O'd CD 12. If you're taking Clomid you have to be careful not to test with OPK too early or you will get false positives. I have gotten false positives so I wait to start testing until 2 days after I take my last pill.

I am right there with you! I had my last period on 8/13 and I ovulated on day 7. My period had just ended 2 or 3 days before. I have had sore breasts, tired and achy. I am praying we are all pg and get those BFP soon!!!!!