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BFP 2nd IVF With Extremely Low AMH

To be able to finally write and share my story after I have been using this site to help me get through nearly four roller coaster years of ttc is an honour. I had all but given up hope as a little over a year of trying my husband and I were given devastating news by a private clinic that my AMH at 34 years of age was more like that of someone nearing the menopause (AMH of 0.06). This meant that my reproductive years were rapidly coming to an end and IVF was likely to be my only choice of having a child. With my follicle count being as low as it was, I was warned that I may not even make a good candidate for successful IVF treatment. To give you an idea, on my first IVF cycle in January of this year, there were only four eggs retrieved, all fertilised, all cleaved, best two put back in on day 3. BFN, very sadly. My 2nd IVF cycle this June, ONLY TWO eggs were retrieved, and yet both fertilised, both put back in on day 2 and miracle of miracles, we got a BFP. It was heart-breaking waiting to be taken in for my egg retrieval this cycle knowing I only had two follicles from my last scan and that my previous four egg IVF had failed. I was trying to be positive but hearing a doctor speaking to a lady in the recovery booth next to me after her retrieval and congratulating her on her 16 egg recovery, I felt like my body was failing me and that I would never become a Mom. I am an ex athlete, normal BMI, don't smoke, don't really drink, look after myself, so to be in this situation was devastating. Miracles really do happen, even for us ladies who have been shown the door in reproductive terms! DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!! If you aren't getting pregnant, find out why. Seek second and even third opinions. My doctor totally overlooked a subclinically hypothyroid. As far as she was concerned, it was normal. But for the purposes of conceiving it was too hypothyroid. If having a child is your priority, find the best advice you can afford. Don't leave it in the hands of a general practitioner who has no specialist knowledge of the more complex issues of infertility. As for symptoms leading up to the BFP, which I took 14dp 2det, about 7dp2det I had a strange warming sensation in my uterus but it could have easily been my mind! I am now almost 18wks pregnant and I can truly say that symptoms did not really start until I was about 7wk pregnant- extreme tiredness, peeing multiple times in the night. No morning sickness at all. Another blessing! Keep at it, ladies. Keep yourselves informed and from the best help you can get. Good Luck xx


I can't thank you enough for your story! My husband has MF issues. We did IVF last year per our RE's advice. Retrieved 9 eggs and only 4 fertilized. Unfortunately, the 4 embryos arrested and never made it past day 2. We were devasted as we were so positive IVF was our answer. He then went to a male fertility specialist and was told he has varicocele veins so we decided to do the operation to correct that in April. He's then a few sperm tests since the operation and there's been slight improvement in count, morphology and motility. But our RE is still recommending IVF. This time our RE wants to do IVF with PICSI. May I ask you if you did IVF PICSI or IVF ICSI? Thank you very much! God bless you and have a happy and healthy 9 months!

I'm in a similar boat with almost 4 yrs ttc and recently found my amh is pretty low too. I dont think IVF would work for me but with low acrosome of dh dont know what next shud we do :( Good luck and have h&h 9 months :)

Congtats! A wonderful story! I am currently on my first IVF cycle and looking to have my egg retrieval next week! Your story has given me hope so thank you! x

Thanks ladies- To the first respondent: I didn't do ICSI because DH's sperm count was very good and so it wasn't deemed necessary. However, because of my very low AMH, I was put on DHEA for three months prior to both my cycles, plus melatonin for egg quality. I was on a high protein diet (70g/day) during stim for egg quality and advised not to go near vitex or green tea as it may disrupt hormone levels and frolic acid respectively. As for sperm count and DNA quality of the sperm, we were told my DH had to consume as much lycopenes as possible - the best source is in cooked tomatoes. Try tomato paste with hummus on Melba toast as a snack everyday. It can't do any harm. Best of luck to you and hope to see you writing your BFP story here soon! To the second respondent: I have heard multiple stories of women nearing the menopause conceiving and having babies. The medical director where I work had a surprise baby in her forties. How old are you? If you a youngish like me - 30's - then that will be on your side. What is a low acrosome that your DH has? Thanks for your reply xx To the third respondent: thank you for your very cheerful response! I am always bowled over at the lovely and cheery dispositions of all the ladies trying so hard to conceive on these sites. I wish you enormous luck on your first IVF cycle and well done for getting this far! If any of you want to respond personally you can at B x

I wrote the first comment and want to thank you for taking the time to respond to my question! I am going out to get tomato paste and hummus right now- what a great idea for a snack for DH! Thank you again!

Hi first respondent- glad to help! Hope it goes well. Best of luck to you xx

Thank you so much for your story. I am on my second ivf, doing icsi this time,I have very low amh,had my 8 day scan this morning and only 2 follicles so was very happy to see you got pregnant with same. I am overweight and a comfort eater so am really hoping this will happen for us. Next scan on Tuesday so hopefully things will look better.

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