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Hello, I just found this site while searching the web. My endo was the cause of me having both tubes blocked with hydrosalpinx. I had been advised to have both tubes removed, but something in me felt like because I had no children, I would feel even more empty inside. My RE told my husband and I the only way we would conceive is with IVF. In August, 2013 we began the process at a high rate of speed. I'm 36 and my husband is 43, so we were both in a hurry to get going, especially not knowing how long it would take to get a BFP. I have a co-worker who has never had a BFP and she's now on her ninth cycle, so that worried me a lot, although I know everyone is different. Started meds in September, 2013 and on October 22, 2013 we went in for the egg retrieval. They did IVF w/ ICSI as my husband's count wasn't all that great. On October 25, 2013 we went in for the 3 day transfer. They retrieved 10 eggs, which I thought was not enough, after hearing people get numbers in the 20's. They took five and all five fertilized. They took the two most likely to implant for transfer. On October 31st, I couldn't help myself and took a HPT, it was negative. The next morning I took another one at 5am and got an immediate BFP. The next two days, I took them and continued getting BFP. On November 6th I was scheduled to go in for my blood pregnancy test. I got a call that afternoon that we were indeed pregnant and my HCG level was 373 12dpo, they wanted me back in every other day for the next week, as my numbers were doubling at an insane rate. An ultrasound confirmed it was twins. We are currently 14 weeks pregnant with twins. I am still in shock that it happened for us on our first attempt. I thank God every day and I pray for every couple going through this, that they are successful. Keep the faith and always pray to your Higher Power! Baby dust to you all!
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Wow! Congratulations, that's very exciting, and I bet you're so excited to be out of the dreadful first trimester.

this is an amazing story you just gave me high hopes and I am placing all my faith in Godnthis cycle something I haven't really done the last 7 months! I finally realized when God wants us to gepregnant we will get pregnant! with God all things are possible!! 

TWINs!!! Oh my goodness how exciting and what an encouraging story. So over the moon for youn

Amazing story...congrats!!!!

Your story gave me hope and faith. May God bless you. It is He who is the breather of life!

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