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I was hoping for a miracle

I'm 11dpo this morning and just tested negative FRER. I stood here staring at it for the entire ten minutes. This is after I woke up from the clearest bfp dream that was just scary real. Not even a squinter line. I understand I'm not totally out but I also understand that the odds are no longer in my favor. Oh well... I'm one month closer to my month. 

I should probably pick up some AF supplies. 

I really hope someone sprouts an Octobean. I really thought I was pregnant. 

Peace & luck.

6mo ttc - 7m off bcp - 11dpo

p.s. I just don't understand how someone who only had sex once in the past few months AND used the pull out method is pregnant, but not me. (This literally just happened to a girl I know.) Just... ugh...

P.p.s. I know i had some successes this month and I should focus on that. This isn't a win - lose game. It's a process. 

P.p.p.s. It finally snowed. :]


I am 10dpo as well and feel af is about to show. My symptoms  have dissapeared. My first was accidentally ( I was a young mom) . I guess I thought if it happened once it would be easy but nope ! Sometimes it happens easy other times it doesn't. I love that you mentioned you are one month closer. I will use that to keepostitive 

I was hoping for one too and although I'm technically not out yet I feel like af will inevitably show up. We all know how you're feeling right now, just remember you're not alone. I know what you mean about the not even trying people vs us ( doing everything possible people). It's so upsetting. Maybe there is some truth to the whole relaxing thing. I know I'm definitely far from that lol. Best wishes!

P.S. I haven't tested yet. I'm waiting it out the best I can. I just feel like why waste another test. Now with that being said I may change my mind tomorrow lol.

I'm also 10dpo and I think I'm out this month. Actually, I never thought I was "in". No symptoms whatsoever..not even sore BBs which I usually get every month regardless. My biggest concern is that I spot every month about  5 days before AF officially comes. I've always had this problem,long before I was ttc. My guess is that there's something wrong going on that will make this a difficult road ahead.Going to see my dr later in the month because I'm due for my annual but I def plan on talking to her about this. I've only been ttc for a couple of months, so I hope she takes me seriously and doesn't tell me to wait it out a few months before she wants to see me again. Anyone with similar problems or know someone who spots routinely  but still got pregnant? 

So sorry! There is still some hope... And if it is not this month, as you say, you are one month closer. You are not alone in what you are feeling. You are in my thoughts. May our BFP come  very soon.

Pretty sure you know all this but I'mma say it anyway. 11dpo is early, and by reading BFP stories we see that plenty of women don't get even a hint of a line until 13 or 14 dpo, sometimes even later! Sure, others do get early positives. But you won't know which group you fall into until after it happens! Your hoped-for miracle could still be in there, multiplying and growing. Depending on how well you cope with BFNs, maybe test again tomorrow or Monday. There's still hope to be had! But if it's better for you to set that aside and switch modes, expecting AF will at least not make you as disappointed. Do what works for you. Just know that I'm still envisioning you with an Octobean. :-)  

Thank you guys so much. I was pretty bitter this morning, but I went back to bed and did a wake-up re-do and took my golden puppy out into the snow. Nothing is more magical than a puppy in the snow lol. Your encouragement has really helped me, enough so that when dh saw the test wrapper in the trash and asked me what the result was I didn't melt into self-loathing.  Plus technically I'm not 11dpo until this evening, so I may go stock up on dollar tree tests and hope for the best. Can't hurt.  The other plus side to testing early and getting bfn is that I can have wild consolation sex if I want, which is not really an option when you just wait for AF disappointment, so there's that, lol.

So sorry for today Spazzle, but I'm definitely not losing hope for ur Valentine bfp! it's just 11 dpo...And it just takes a sec for miracles! Am sure ur octobean is in there, watching in amusement :) Love! 

Haha, I like that image! Thanks, Koel, that made me smile.  You guys are the BEST :)

QFx for us all, Valentines positives all around....we want, what did spazzle call it, octobabies that way we can go through pregnancy together youre not out yet dust to us all

Good luck..... I am 10dpo hopefully we all will get our BFP.   

Good luck to you all. I hope you all get your valentines bfp's. I'm due to O on valentines day so hoping to make it a special night if we aren't all bd'd out leading up to it lol xx

Aw good luck Lany! How romantic :)  I'm trying to stabilize my emotions. Some moments I'm really logical and collected. Other moments I'm bitter and want to burst into tears. I removed all currently pregnant and annoying women from my news feed on Facebook. (Some girl complaining about her morning sickness. I sucked it up and offered her all natural nausea remedies and she responded that nothing would work so she will just be miserable. Just, wtf. Go have your pity party.) ANYWAY. I'm really trying to stay in my happy place. 

Spazzle, i was hoping you could help shed some light on something for af never showed so im either 18dpo or 16dpo. I thought i o'd on the 21, and got a faint positive on 10dpo. However i think it might have been an indent b/c i had what seemed to IB on the 2nd making o the 23rd and today being 16dpo and no positive....i hope you understood just so confused...

Correction IB on 2-4-14