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I've been trying for a year and a half....started clomid in June and now I'm waiting....I feel like I'm crazy....obsessed and everything else u could possibly be....period due in 7 days....took a test today and it was negative....anyone else waiting?!?!


I took clomid 50mg this month too cd 3-7 n ovulated on cd 17.... its now CD 21 and I cant wait to test either its driving me crazy lol but lots of baby dust to u and I hope you get a BFP with a nice sticky baby

Try not to think about it too much! It drives us crazy and stress lowers your chances! Relax and enjoy the sex and try and have fun with it! It will happen! Good luck!

Ttc #3....first son took an entire year to conceive....Second son - surprise-got pregnant while breastfeeding we are on our third month ttc #3...4 dpo...I hope this next week goes by fast..