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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Our BFP after 18 long months!

I am still in shock after finally getting my BFP this morning! I had finally mentally accepted our RE's recommendation of IVF so seeing that positive test was surreal after 18 months of negatives. So here's my story: I'm 33 & OH is 36 with no prior children. We're both healthy, average weight, no major issues. After TTC for 15 months, we went to a RE who diagnosed us with male factor infertility. My fiance's SA was bad; very low count (less than 1 million), poor morphology (less than 1%), but motility was good. Our RE told us to go straight to IVF due to our age & the SA results. We were devastated that day leaving his office, I saw my fiancé cry for the very 1st time. It was absolutely heartbreaking news. We do not have the financial means to jump right to IVF so we decided to keep trying while saving our money. We also took a much needed vacation for a week to regroup & just focus on having fun. The only things we did differently was I took a prescribed pre-natal, vitamin D, and omega 3 daily. My fiancé started taking Fertilaid the same month of his SA results. We had done some research online & decided what could the Fertilaid hurt? We were willing to try anything! So fast forward 3 months after our RE appointment & here we are, pregnant! I am writing this to give other women hope who have been trying for so long & keep getting BFN's month after month. I know the emotional roller coaster of thinking you're pregnant every month but then seeing that stark white HPT with no hint of a line. Please know that God has a plan & will answer your prayers, it's just on His time & not ours. I know it's hard to wait when you want something so badly everyday, please know that it is possible despite what doctors may tell you. Do not give up hope. Here is a list of my symptoms by DPO: I had EWCM leading up to O day & confirmed with OPK & BBT. 1DPO-9DPO: I honestly had no symptoms that were unusual. No cramps, bloating, twinges, pains. Nothing. 10DPO: I took a clearblue HPT thinking if I was pregnant I would maybe have a faint positive but it was clearly negative. I starting thinking I was out this month. 11DPO: Started feeling very small pains in my breasts. I usually don't have breast pain before AF so I thought that was kinda odd. The pains were more like tingly sensations that lasted seconds but occurred throughout the day. Also during the day I had gas which was unusual for me. I hadn't eaten anything to cause it but I had gas pains throughout the day. 12DPO: I tested using a FRER with FMU and thought for sure I would see a BFN. I was still having tingly breasts but the gas was gone. I woke up with a massive headache but that's common for me. I went back to the test after a minute or so & saw that second line coming up! I just stood there & stared at it for what seemed forever. I just couldn't believe we actual did it with no medical interventions. My fiancé was beyond happy, I saw him cry for the 2nd time! Later on 12DPO I confirmed the earlier BFP with a digi test & it came back "pregnant 1-2 weeks". I have my 1st OB appointment in a few weeks for blood tests & an ultrasound. We are cautiously optimistic and still in a bit of shock. Now we are praying for a happy & healthy 9 months until we get to meet our little bean :)


we've been trying for 11 months, and the hope is just horrible, you know? Started my period again today, and trying to keep it together as I have lots going on with work (and I work with kids, so sometimes that's hard). But I really needed to read this today, as the hope is better than giving up. Thank you!

Congrats. My best to u !!! Did u do ivf with icsi?

Congrats!! Can I ask how often you did the BD?

Thank you ladies for your positive comments :) We only BD'd twice during my fertile week. Once the day before O and the day after O. I wasn't confident that we had timed it right but it worked! We conceived naturally (except for my fiancé using Fertilaid for men) without IUI or IVF. Please remember to not give up hope & I'm praying for all your BFP's to come soon!

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