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I'm going crazy been ttc a yr n still nothing!

Hey everyone. So I'm 26 and been ttc a yr with all bfn's . N it is devastating :( I eat sleep dream babies n everyone around me is pregnant! We've done 4 failed iui's, 4 months of daily injections, clomid 100mg most if this yr. a few months ago we decided to stop all treatments n try naturally n nothing yet :( n it is not for a lack of trying. I've recently started taking primrose oil, cod liver oil b6 &12 n folic acid. I've never been pregnant before. Does anyone have any tips, tricks, advice or different supplements to try. Thanks so much


In the same boat.. 9 months TTC and everyone else n their grandmother is pregnant. So hard.

U and me.... Took EPO, Pregnacare conceive, Conceive plus, Garlic and Parsely, B6, Vitex consistently this Cycle. Im on 3dpo on a 27days cycle. Suprisingly my test was positive at CD12.

OPK test not HPT