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Natural BFP After 2yrs of Failed Fertility Treatments

Hey ladies! I'm so thrilled to finally post here. I began lurking in the shadows of this site back in 2012 when my husband and I originally began ttc. Here's my timeline: October 2012: Began trying to conceive December 2012: Noticed (now that I was tracking) that I begin to spot sometimes up to five days post ovulation and continue to spot through to my period. Negative. December 2012-April 2012: Negative April 2013: Began seeing an RE due to spotting. Negative May 2013: Diagnosed with PCOS (even though I've never had an irregular period) and a luteal phase defect. Clomid. Husband's numbers look more than perfect. Negative. June 2013-October 2013: Clomid. Negative November 2013: IUI with Clomid plus trigger. 2 healthy looking follicles. Negative December 2013: IUI with Clomid plus trigger. 2 healthy looking follicles. Negative. January 2014: RE believes I have endometriosis...awesome. -_- Negative February 2014-May 2014: Continued trying naturally. Negative June 2014: Laparoscopic surgery for removal of large amounts of endometriosis; however, what is there isn't very deep. The doctor also discovered that my left fallopian tube was being blocked by scar tissue. Luckily, she was able to re-open the tube. Cleared for continued ttc. July 2014: IUI with Letrozol plus trigger. 2 healthy looking follicles. Negative August 2014: I said, "SCREW IT! I'm done! It is what it is. I'm over it. If it happens, great.. but I'm DONE!" August 2014-January 2015: Went back to college. Quit trying to conceive. Got a 4.0 my first semester back. Made peace with the idea that I wouldn't be a mommy. **Here's the fun part** January 2015: Begin working out and I'm loving it. CD 15-17 - It's obvious (just by my body's signs) that I'm ovulating.. but who cares? I can't get pregnant! BD random days. (10 DPO): Boobs hurt, bloated, cramping lightly. Begin spotting like usual..just brown stuff. I ALWAYS spot before my period. Here's she comes! (12 DPO): Spotting is gone... and I mean GONE! I'm talking.. nothing.. nada.. it's just gone. (13 DPO): Still no spotting... this is strange... but my boobs still hurt. Maybe I'm skipping a period due to working out so hard? (14 DPO): Still no spotting... boobs really hurt and here's something new... I can feel little electric jolts in my boobs. Weeeirddd. "Let's just test so I can get this over with and know that I'm NOT pregnant and then I can take my mind off of it." *Tests and throws it on the bathtub ledge while I'm taking a bath* I look over.. and there it is.. plain as day. No squinting.. no holding it to the light... it's just there.. the two lines I'd never seen before.. right there.. staring back at me at 1:30am while I soak in a bath. HCG levels were checked the next day and were at 298, more than doubling to 536 in 48 hours. My first ultrasound is next week and I'm now currently 5 weeks. Prayers, ladies. The pain of infertility is real. I promise to keep you all in my prayers while I'm thanking God for this miracle. Stay strong and I love each and every one of you! <3
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Congrats! Did you get a hsg done before your laparoscopy? You know the x Ray to check if your tubes are open? I'm just wondering bc you said your left tube was discovered blocked during surgery. I've not had a lap but I my x Ray showed a blocked tube and one open.

The first beta was 198. Not 298. :)

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  What an encouraging story.  Wishing you a healthy and happy 9 months =)

Congratulations!! So happy for you!! Can I ask you about your spotting? I spot every 2-3 days before my period and then I get like one day of light red and then back to spotting. I don't have any signs of endo but how did your doctor suspect you had it? Also my husbands numbers are perfect as well. We have been ttc since June 2013. We have had all the infertility tests done and even had our first IUI this last month and it's a negative I know as I started spotting today. I go in for mandatory bloodwork tomorrow as I took injectables. Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!!

Congrats! Your post hit home for me.

Hey ladies!! Thanks for the well wishes! My first ultrasound is tomorrow! As far as the hsg, I did not have one. My periods were pretty darn painful and heavy, which caused us to suspect something.. Also, I began spotting as early as 5dpo and would spot everyday to my period.. There was no telling what we'd find during surgery, but it was better than having no answers at all. I will say, though.. After the Endo was removed, I only spotted a day or so before my period, which is relatively normal. My best advice regarding the spotting (if it happens several days before your period) is not to take "this is normal" as an answer. Regarding your blocked tube, a lap might benefit tremendously. Though the tube may not be saved, there's chance (like with mine) that it can be! Also, when I got pregnant, I was taking in very little caffein, working out, and losing weight.. Just to be a healthier me. I'm praying for yall, ladies. Keep praying!

This is so encouraging to me! I just had an endometrial cyst removed from my left ovary in Dec 2014 and was also told my left Fallopian tube is blocked due to scar tissue. We started trying again in 2015 after I recovered and I've been spotting before AF, too! Super annoying! We have a lot of similarities, so you've given me hope! Thanks!! Best wishes on a healthy pregnancy!!

reading this really made my day. Hoping the same thing will happen to me soon. Congrats. :)

If anyone is listening, please wish me luck... pray for me, send me good energy, whatever you prefer. We could really use it right now. Thank you so much!

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