Micro dose HCG paired with Clomid

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Micro dose HCG paired with Clomid

Postby Lisa79 » Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:39 am

Bored waiting for a phone call... I decided to google and came upon this...

I found a really interesting link about a small study using micro dose HCG with clomid in women that didn't ovulate on clomid alone.
If ya don't like clicking links...
It took a small group of women who weren't ovulating on clomid alone.
Group 1 was given clomid plus the micro hcg shots once their dominant follicle reached 12mm.
Group 2 was just given a slightly higher dose of clomid than group 1.
Well, the study showed that group 1 had higher rates of ovulation and of course this led to higher rates of pregnancy.

Thought it was really interesting and could be an option for those who just can't afford to go in to injection cycles.
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