Causing Late AF? Any Suggestions?

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Causing Late AF? Any Suggestions?

Postby CGWife93 » Fri Mar 30, 2012 10:48 pm

So my cycles have ALWAYS been on point. They start exactly 29 days apart, have PMS symptoms like clock-work, even have exact same flo/length pattern during my cycle every single month.
January my cycle was suddenly 5 days late. Then AF stopped only half-way through my normal 5 days of bleeding and the only two days it did flo it was very light bleeding. 35 cycle days.
February came, and again it was not my usual 29. Same thing happened except this one was even lighter. 33 cycle days.
Since it was becoming closer and closer to 29 days, I figured I maybe would start on the 31 cycle day for March. Now, as of the 31st, I am CD 34, so obviously that is not going to happen, lol.
Anyways, my question is--I've had THREE UTIs/Yeast infections in the past 6 weeks. Do you think that could cause my periods to be a little off?
And what exactly is condsidered off? If they're within a week of each other, it's normal, right? I'm not worried about anything, just curious as to if maybe my infections could cause my hormones or something to be off.
I know that stress can cause your periods to be off, but I haven't been under any at all lately. :] I did also have kidney stones that passed through this past week in each kidney, so does THAT kind of stress effect your periods, vs. emotional stress? Hmmmm. I've tried Googling, but my Google isn't working for some reason!!
I understand that within a week of each other it is normal to be a few days apart, like I previously said, but it just seems so weird that just out of the blue my periods were absolute clock-work for TWO YEARS, and just decide to switch all up.

Anyways, Thanks for anyones help/suggestions/comments/advice!!! :]
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