Implantation?! Help Please!!

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Implantation?! Help Please!!

Postby tkcca » Sun Jul 05, 2015 10:24 am

My cycles are 29 days! Not one time has it ever come even a day before it's expected (at least not this year, I can't remember before then)
Actually on the day Its supposed to be here it doesn't show up until 9-11pm (cd 30)
On cd 27 (3 days till af) around 11pm I noticed a tiny amount of brown spotting in my underwear (prob started around 9-10) Also noticed a little when I wiped. Not enough for a tampon but it's all I had and was about to go celebrate the fourth with my family fishing.. We got home around 5-6am so before laying down I removed tampon, within the 7 hours it only had a small amount of brown/pinkish blood on it. (If you were to hold an opened regular tampon from top to bottom the blood didn't even go down half an inch.. Trying to give an idea of how little)
Anyway laid down and used nothing for about 5 hours and when I stood up there was about a half dollar size circle of blood in my undies and a few drops when using the bathroom (it seemed to be a dark red color) Put in a tampon as I'm afraid it will get heavy fx it doesn't. Waiting to see in a while..

We've been ttc for quite a while and have actually relaxed a little in the last two or so months (not trying so hard and trying not to stress about it)
But there have been a few things in the past week that have been hard to ignore such as: nausea throughout the day, stabbing pains in pelvic region when laying down if coughing or sneezing, a few pretty rough headaches and of corse spotting starting 3 days before af is due when I'm NEVER early..

Has anyone else experienced this and later found out it was implantation bleeding?
Cd: 27 would have been 12dpo if o happened on cd 15 and not a little after. (according to my days app used this app for over a year and my cycles are extremely normal.)
I took a frer around cd 26 Im pretty sure it was neg. if it was + it was faint and I assumed my eyes playing tricks.
Love to here success stories with similar symptoms. :)
Any thoughts would be appreciated. GL to you all ttc
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