Opinions?? Undeniable symptoms

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Opinions?? Undeniable symptoms

Postby tkcca » Mon Jul 06, 2015 9:56 pm

A little info: cycles are always 29 days NEVER early or late although they always come at night on cd1/cd30
BD every other day during estimated ovulation and after.
Ttc for about a year.
I've tried to take a little break from trying so hard the last month or two. Not checking cm, or symptom spotting but this month a few things have happened that I could not ignore.. I ovulated around cd 15, since then I have experienced all of the following at some time or another but as I said wasn't keeping track just things I noticed
-sore throat and sneezing
-sharp pain in lower pelvis when sneezing
-sore breast (normal bf af for me)
-dizziness and headaches
-the most confusing. On cd 27 very late at night dark brown spotting only on toilet paper and used nothing to sleep in whole night, cd: heavy enough for reg tampon but not as heavy as af usually is, today (cd 29) same
-cramps but not at all like af, feels as if someone is grabbing each hip bone and pulling them away from eachother (best I can describe it lol)
-today only, sharp stabbing pain in left breast going through nipple towards my back
- breast pain is normal for me before af but always stops once I start... They are still very tender even with this bleeding but only on the sides near arms and nipples itch at times
These have been my symptoms in the last 14 days and j know I will have to see how long this bleeding lasts to actually know what's going on just hoping for some opinions or feedback to ease my mind in the mean time :) I should mention I bled from 13-19 wks and on/off until giving birth to my Daughter 6 wks early due to placental abruption. I'm blessed to say she's almost 6 and healthy as can be!! So I'm not sure if bleeding for me would mean not pg .. The early period has me so confused..
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