HSG - Dilated Tube - Anyone have this? (cross post)

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HSG - Dilated Tube - Anyone have this? (cross post)

Postby hero7 » Fri Jul 10, 2015 8:17 am

(Cross posting here as this board gets more traffic than the General Infertility board, hope that is OK!)


I just had an HSG and the doctor said my right tube is great, but my left is dilated (not blocked) and that usually requires surgery before any fertility treatments can begin.

The HSG was not with my RE/specialist, because she was booked - we go back to see her on the 30th - which is 20 longggg days away. I emailed her with some questions about the surgery but all she said was it would be laproscopic and possibly remove the tube and we'll discuss further at our next appt!

Has anyone else had a dilated tube? What was the treatment? Results?

The Doctor I saw today basically said it's probably inflamed due to scar tissue and therefore the 'fingers' at the end are somewhat collapsed on themselves so no eggs are coming through there.

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