Comprehensive Fertility Tips

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Comprehensive Fertility Tips

Postby daddy2b » Mon Aug 03, 2015 12:57 pm

After many years (5) of trying naturally, using clomid, IUIs, etc, surgically removing fibroids (15) and a polyp, we finally are incredibly blessed to be pregnant for the first time via our first attempt at IVF. Below is a set of information and tips we have compiled from various books, forums, studies and from discussions with various experts.

Please note, as with anything, take information on the internet with a grain of salt and do your own validation before pursuing. I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination; what works for one may not work for another... we did however, want to share what we've learned in one simple (but lengthy) post...


- avoid dairy (milk and cheeses) due to hormone levels
- avoid sugar and white flour
- have almond or coconut milk
- eat lots of avacados
- eat wide range of berries and raw nuts (no peanuts - heavily sprayed with pesticides)
- eat dark chocolates if you must, 70% or greater
- eat wide variety of greens and veggies
- if you eat red meat, make sure its organic
- eat lots of eggs

- coq10 (400mg per day) and l-argenine for men. Daily multi vitamin & fish/cod liver oil
- takes about 3 months before diet & pills impact sperm quality
- urologist can advise if all is ok


Abbreviations: ... tions.html


Fertility Clinic/Lab:
- find a clinic & doctor that has good reputation (google)
- friendly front office staff & a nice nurse are key... You will interact a lot.
- iui & ivf are not covered by many health insurance plans. Know the details before you start anything. Ours didn't.
- ivf costs $15k and iui $3k approx...
- the ACA (obamacare) has plans on the marketplace that do cover both iui & ivf... Check out the BCBS Gold plans. 4 ocyte (egg) retrievals were covered in ours. Costs about $300 per month - at $3600 for the year plus deductible, it's a great option if you end up with a round or two of ivf
- if you go with ivf, remember everyone is different. You will read about women reacting great to the injections, getting 20-30 mature follicles (maybe that amount of eggs as well), but note- its quality not quantity. All you need is one or two top quality eggs that fertilize and develop into healthy embryos. We had 8 eggs, 4 fertilized, 2 made it to day 5 blastocysts and both were transferred. Both implanted. All you need is 1 good embryo & some luck.
- if you are stressed about not getting pregnant (normal), make an effort to let things go... Stress hurts your chances of success. Try yoga, deep breathing or acupuncture if it helps you relax & clear your mind, even if it's a day a week. Anything that gets you calm, happy, positive, etc helps so do it
- chances are you will know someone who is struggling with fertility too... Buddy up and support each other. Confide in each other. Encourage each other. Online forums, local fertility groups are good options depending on if you want to be anonymous or speak in person. Talk to friends who ttc for years before getting pregnant... You are not alone. There is always hope. Remember that it's always better to bend than break.
- have a plan. Make it when you are not emotional (after a failed iui as an example). Meaning, know what you'd like to do: ours was 3 cycles of trying naturally with chlomid, 3 iuis & then ivf (one or more depending on results, pain, etc) followed by adoption.
- few think about how infertility affects the man. Remember always that regardless of the reason you have not been able to conceive, your husband will be your rock because you have it a LOT worse for sure... But support him emotionally too. Know when your partner is showing signs of cracking... Be his strength too when you feel it's needed. That's what a good marriage & support system is all about... You are in this together. You will overcome it together.


- All shots can be self administered.
- I gave all shots to my wife. Follow instructions & it is very easy. The needles are very thin & do not hurt going in.
- you will develop confidence & expertise in just a couple of days
- unless the medication says to refrigerate, don't. Most need to be stored at room temperature (read box). Cold temp may make the shot hurt more.
- follistem: each vial may hold a little more medicine than you mathematically count. Needs refrigeration before & after use.
- menopur: mix and let rest for a few minutes, do not tap or shake. It activates when you do so and will then hurt. Inject slowly & steadily, take breaks for a few seconds when it burns. Store at room temp.
- ganirelix: needle is blunt; stab in dart like motion.
- progesterone (oil): it's thick, so use 18g needle to draw and 25 (or 22) to administer. 1 or 1.5" needles work fine. Use cold pack on bum for a few minutes prior to administering. Numbs area and things hurt less. Use warm pack on area after injection to help progesterone dissolve and get blood flowing. Massage on & around injection site. Inject progesterone with thumb and change angle of needle without stopping the flow so you distribute the oil a bit more. Hurts less this way and minimizes lumps & bruising. Store at room temp.
- your fertility clinic will have videos on their site to reference; youtube is a great resource as always

Day of transfer:
Rest after transfer. Watch funny videos on YouTube or similar. Research shows women who do this have better chance for successful implantation. ( ... -with-ivf/)

After transfer:
- buy an organic pineapple. Cut into 5 slices with core. Eat a slice per day 5 days after transfer. Let it get to room temp before eating if possible. ( ... ation.html)
- drink lots of Gatorade for the electrolytes.

- Every woman & pregnancy is different. IVF subjects your body to a mixture of medications that cause different reactions even many days later. The TWW is very emotionally difficult. You will want to google every symptom... You probably will regardless of what anyone says to you... Just remember AF symptoms are almost exactly the same as pregnancy mixed with all the daily progesterone supplements... only a blood test will give you the true results. My wife was CERTAIN she was not pregnant because her boobs didn't hurt, nipples didn't darken, no implantation spotting, vagina felt dry... But she was pregnant! :)

Once you get here, life is different. You have overcome a seemingly insurmountable hurdle... This write up is to let those of you praying for this stage in life to know that it can happen. Keep trying, make a plan, support each other, stay strong & positive - know you are not alone. Best wishes to all...
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