HELP! Need advise, on weird body symptoms.

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HELP! Need advise, on weird body symptoms.

Postby tylkaml » Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:25 am

Hey girls. I tried to stay off this month because I just wanted to relax and go with the flow this month. BUT I feel so out of wack I need someone to talk too. So I thought I would get back on and ask you girls some questions or get your advise.

Background: 1 DD who will be 2 on the 21st. Started TTC in September 16'. Miscarried in Dec at 5.5 weeks. Started trying in Jan 17' and cycles seemed back to normal, with ovulation (usually CD13) and a 11-12 day luteal phase.

Last cycle which started March 5th, had painful cramps but was otherwise normal. I had high temps in the luteal phase and was hoping it was our month. But AF came the night it was due (usually comes in the morning) I did test that morning to a BFN. It was med flow for a day and a half and then just stopped for 24 hours and then started back with light flow to spotting. This has never happened, my period is always 4 days with a day of high flow, then Med, then 2 days of low flow. On CD7 I saw my obgyn for my annual visit. I talked to the nurse and told her about my weird period and she asked if I tested since then and I said NO and she asked if I wanted to have a test done, and not thinking I was pregnant at all I said No Need to. Well now I'm CD9 and I am getting SO MUCH EWCM and I mean LOADS of it, to the point I want to put a pad in. Also there has been a few red streaks in the EWCM. I am so BLOATED and uncomfortable and crampy. I never have any of these symptoms 4-5 days before predicted ovulation. My EWCM usually comes around CD11 or 12. So asking some advice, has anyone had this? Is this increased fertility? Should I check my thyroid (thanks Dr. Google)? Should I take a pregnancy test? I feel so out of wack, any advise or suggestion is appreciated!!
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Re: HELP! Need advise, on weird body symptoms.

Postby Amouna87 » Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:25 am

Firstly I am so sorry to hear about your mc :(

I probably will be of zero help here but I didn't want to read and run- is it possible that your cycles are off a bit since the mc or have your jan and feb cycles bee' okay? Also, ewcm and blood sounds like early ovulation- do you have any other O symptoms? I say take a test to check for pregnancy and if not take an ovulation test to check for ovulation just so you can get an idea about where you are in your cycle. That's so frustrating for you! Sorry I can't be of much help!
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