Now cd29, it has been a week since I'm cramping

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Now cd29, it has been a week since I'm cramping

Postby Pcosdiiva » Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:54 am

I have PCOS, irregular period. last period was 12 march and lasted for 5 have been etc for almost a year and a half now. this month i was on injectables and successfully ovulated 3 eggs. i had the trigger shot on cd11 with 2500 IU. doctor asked for a scan on cd 17 to check if the eggs were out. fortunately i ovulated, and i also asked for duphaston though she said if there was no pregnancy i will get my period because my uterus looked ready for baby/will get period. i took dupahston twice a day from cd17 until cd27. i started getting period cramps since cd23 which is unusual because i only cramp a day or two before period and also i get very yellow discharge which i know ill get my period after, this cycle i still haven't noticed the discharge neither the bad headaches i usually get with my periods. my concerns are,
i ovulated early so will my period come as the past cycle date or 2 weeks after ovulation?
and is it okay to cramp a week before period and still be pregnant?
and when was my period supposed to arrive if i stopped duphaston in cd27, and will duphaston affect the timing of period if already my uterus lining showed that i will get my period.?
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