It makes my head spin

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It makes my head spin

Postby jamandason » Mon May 01, 2017 10:27 am

Okay disclaimer I have never been on these forums so the little acronyms are unknown to me, please be patient with me. :)
I am obviously ttc and so far no luck. We have been at it almost 3 years now and while we have some answers I am finding it hard to make sense of what I need to be doing to help Mother Nature.
I have had tests and ultrasounds and they say I have scar tissue on one of my tubes, not completely blocked but enough to cause an issue. They recommend IVF, but we really couldn't afford all of that so we decided to wait it out and see what other options we might have if any. Life intervened and we had to make a cross country move and start over so needless to say babies took a backseat. We are stable and ready to start again, and after some serious concerns went to my doctor because my period had been going for almost 9 weeks straight. That is nothing new mine have never been regular at all. So the doctor here goes through my history and asks questions and checks out some stuff and says that not only do I have the scar tissue I have PCOS. She wants to give me Provera and BCP to regulate. I explain that we are ttc and she says that I need to get myself right first. Okay fair enough, but then I read about Provera and it is not really pleasant. So I look into the natural progesterone creams and decide to try that first because I'm not real keen on taking meds. So far no change but honestly it may take a couple months to notice it if anything. I am just not sure what to do from here... we aren't trying but we aren't not trying. Trying to do it alone and finding that it is not easy without someone to listen and give advice and hope.
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Re: It makes my head spin

Postby Twacky » Tue May 02, 2017 12:17 am

Somewhere in the BFP stories is a detailed list of lifestyle changes and supplements used by a lady to get pregnant with PCOS. It should not be too hard to find, if you don't mind reading a lot of success stories, and who does mind that???? Best of luck on your journey xxx
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