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TTC #2

Postby Mrs_Thund3r » Fri May 19, 2017 11:50 pm

So DP and I have only "lazily" been TTC#2 (no OPKs, no BBT etc). For the past 6m, my cycles have been between 30-32 days, before LO1 they were 28days; but AF has always been 5 days. I have no idea when OV happened; LO1 just happened for us without tracking.
I was due for AF on Sat 13th. On Fri I had light pinkish spotting which continued off and on til Tue morn (Mon arvy to Tue morn spotting was brownish). No spotting overnight at all and I never had to change a pad (wore only for comfort etc). With every other AF, I would get cramps 1-2 days prior and continue cramping all throughout. But with this spotting I never had cramps at all. I had been having dizzyness and headaches daily since Sun 8th; I have had lower backaches every day since spotting, nausea mostly in the evening but short bouts during the day, very tired since spotting started.
We BD on 2nd of May (10 days before spotting started). Not being able to contain myself, I took a HPT on Mon arvo when I was still spotting and it was a BFN. I took another on Weds which was also BFN.

I suppose what I am asking is could I have been experiencing implantation bleeding, or would it most likely be a super super light AF? And if it could be IB, would I have tested too early and when would be best to test? I don't have HPT in my house because I'm a drop-of-the-hat-tester and would rather not disappoint myself all the time.
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