Progesterone Level ?s

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Progesterone Level ?s

Postby ttcnumber22017 » Wed May 24, 2017 9:06 am

Hello! We are TTC #2. #1 (thankfully) was conceived easily, without any tracking, etc. This time, I'm charting, and doc is checking my progesterone to be sure I'm ovulating, since I've been on BCP for the last bit, until 3.20.17.

So, progesterone level drawn on 5.16.17 was: 0.21 ng/mL.

Progesterone level drawn on 5.22.17 was: 9.45 ng/mL.

Doc said he agrees that I did ovulate based on this, but my question is when? My fertility tracker app is still adjusting to my new (off BCP) cycles, so it projected my fertile window as 5.5.17-5.10.17, which is way earlier than the date I likely actually ovulated, based on the PG results. :(

We did BD on 5.11.17 and 5.12.17 (after projected fertile window), but I know that'd be maxing out the length of time the sperm could stay alive, assuming that I actually ovulated on the DAY OF my first PG draw, 5.16.17, which is being optimistic. Any ideas?
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Re: Progesterone Level ?s

Postby Danaa » Wed May 24, 2017 9:46 am

Ur progesterone levels shows you ovulated but when that I can't say sadly.
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