First timer- when is too early? Resisting temptation

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First timer- when is too early? Resisting temptation

Postby Gj140516 » Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:06 am

Hey very new to this so bare with me, I came off the pill end of Jan 17 we had been married for 8 months and want a baby but I didn't want to get caught up in I took the attitude 'I know it's not as easy to happen straight away if it happens it happens'
Been on the pill for 10 years since I was 15/16. Had a withdrawal bleed as normal after stopping pill, then didn't have anything for 9 nearly 10 weeks which was obviously expected after not having a proper period in so long. Wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and didn't last very long would describe it as a withdrawn bleed no pain and very light. Didn't really 'try' and didn't track ovulation. Downloaded an app 'flo' to try and track period.. Next my cycle was 45 days. Period started off very light and then got heavier by day 3/4. This is when we actively were 'trying'. its now been a week since ovulation ended and apparently 7 days till my next period. (This is according to the app) I did a preganancy test a week ago (like I say very new with this!!) but after researching properly I know understand the dos and donts.
When should I take a test? With my cycle not regular yet after coming off the pill how will I know when I will have missed a period to take a test?.. finding it very hard to resist please help!
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Re: First timer- when is too early? Resisting temptation

Postby 860lindsey » Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:50 am

You sound a lot me when I first came off the pill. I had only been taking it for probably a year but it still took almost 2 months for me to get a period after the normal period when I was done my pack and once my periods returned they weren't very regular (anywhere from 37 day-26 day cycles). The best thing I can recommend is to use opks and temp. Temping allows you to know exactly when you have ovulated so it takes the guess work out of when you should expect your period. I know it's hard but I wouldn't bother testing until you are at least 10 days past ovulation. With my two pregnancies I tested positive at dpo 12 with my first and 11 with my second. I recommend First Response Early Response they are the best in my opinion for testing early but they are also a little expensive so I wouldn't waste my money testing too early. But its such an exciting time in your life that I know it's hard to wait. Best of luck!!!
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