BC3+Ms symptoms...

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BC3+Ms symptoms...

Postby Daileighnovember11 » Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:39 am

Had my daughter in November.
Have been inconsistently taking bc.
Next to no intercourse, always with protection the few and far between, 98% of the time.
Past couple of weeks quit completely taking bc because bleeding 2 wks a month with 1 week in between. Second "period" is always darker dry-like red/brown blood... No cramping or little cramping. Whereas first "period" is more real, terrible cramping (taking evening primrose oil supplement to relieve), butt pain leg pain lower abdomen pain etc... Bloating badness. Thought I'm getting endometriosis or cyst or something. Should get checked.
Anyway, me n my sisters are all having symptoms as tho one of us is pregnant. I've had different possible "cravings" they come and go, I've swollen off n on a bit. Could just be bold...
Took a test today. At first actually had a pink fog around the T spot.
But it seems to be moving. So perhaps just the urine making it's way up the stick.
I've taken em during bc but got to where I thot I'd I have conceived and the bc is just too heavy hormones & covering up the low levels of hcg
.. so has this happened to ANYONE!?
Bc (inconsistently) barely intercourse, symptoms, not sleeping well, vivid dreaming, acid reflux, recently urinating suddenly a lot but could be drinking too much or diabetic...
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