older DH suggestions

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older DH suggestions

Postby km746213 » Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:44 pm

Hello All!

I have been watching the page for some time now, but finally decided to join! I am 26 and my DH is 35. We are trying for our first (and probably only!) child together. We have been TTC for 2 months and I am hoping to hear some suggestions from other members who also have older partners. (I know, 35 isn't that old, but I do believe his age is affecting his fertility somewhat). I have regular cycles of about 35 days and was pregnant in August of last year with a different partner, but unfortunately miscarried very early in the pregnancy.

Should DH be taking vitamins to improve fertility? I know we really haven't been TTC very long, but I was curious if anyone has suggestions for ways we might improve our chances.

Thanks and lots of baby dust to you all!!!!!!!
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Re: older DH suggestions

Postby BeeCee33 » Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:36 pm

The good news is that age is not as big of a factor for men as it is for women, as they are constantly replenishing their sperm, vs. us with our aging eggs. ;) My hubby is almost 37 and we have gotten pregnant 3 times on our third cycle trying each time. I think as long as you are both in generally good health, there is no major need for supplements.

There are some simple things that help aid in sperm count and health. This includes not heating up the testicles (bath, hot tub, long blazing hot showers, etc.), and spacing your BD schedule to optimize those things. Advice varies on the best timing, as well as how much of an effect it really has overall, but generally speaking, those swimmers should be emptied a couple of times a week leading up to your fertile window, and there should be some breaks between BD sessions for a day or two to allow sperm to fully mature.

And remember, it takes healthy couples an average of 6 months to make a baby. Sometimes it just takes time, even if you've done everything perfectly!
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Re: older DH suggestions

Postby km746213 » Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:12 am

Thank you so much!!!!! :)
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