Pursuing affordable surrogacy after 5 years of IF treatments

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Pursuing affordable surrogacy after 5 years of IF treatments

Postby nboots » Wed Jun 28, 2017 12:45 am

After 5 years of hell through 17 medicated cycles of Clomid/IUI/IVF and three losses in a row, we've finally thrown in the towel and are pursuing surrogacy, and in Ukraine, of all places! Although I'm a great responder to injectibles (last IVF cycle resulted in 37 eggs and 10 day 5 blasties!), I seem to be unable to carry them past 8 weeks, and the clock is ticking away (Husband is 34, I'm 37 with brittle PCOS).

Even though it was extremely difficult for me to wrap my brain around surrogacy, when we're left with the choice of having no bio kids vs. possibly having them through a surrogate, we are going to go with the latter.

Currently, we're actually in Kiev, Ukraine, as we'll be using BioTexCom, a clinic that has great reviews online and through phone, as we've both been talking to a few people who just recently welcomed twins due to surrogacy. This would be our dream! The packages start from 32 - 50k, and it's very affordable compared to US prices, and guaranteed! It's the first time we feel like we have a guaranteed hope that we can have children at last, because the clinic will continue to try with your frozen embryos (either yours or donor eggs) until they are successful. Seems like most everyone we have talked to were successful on their first try, if not second.
When we were looking to connect with parents in the US, it was truly through a network of folks that we got to talk to them to hear about the process, which reassured us that we're not going to be scammed or have trouble bringing our future babies back home. Because of this, just thought I would post here so that you can read about my experience as it happens. I'm super nervous! I will start a blog and try to document everything as much as I can.

To be clear, I am not trying to promote my clinic, and neither do I work for them. I am just sharing my experience because finding information from other US parents who had done so was difficult. I want to just e a source of information for anyone that is looking for a solution.

Any questions/thoughts/comments welcome! If you want to read about our journey, visit https://asiu.us. Please send us your positive vibes, we need all of the help we can get, trust us on that one!
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