9dpo and counting

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9dpo and counting

Postby scubachic84 » Wed Aug 02, 2017 11:08 am

******Moving this to the Pregnancy Symptoms forum*****

So I'm new here and came over from a different site that....wow....extremely rude, unwelcoming behavior. The site didn't allow you to ask if others thought you were Pg, understandable, but didn't say anything about not talking about symptoms, so I posted mine under the TWW board and got major cr#p for it. I responded back nicely saying I wish fairy dust on all of them regardless and was literally told "I dont want your f'ing fairy dust."

Anyway, so I'm here and after reading through some of the forums, feel much better about being here.

A little about me: 33; no kids; had a hysteroscopy with polyp removal July 7 so have been anxious about what my cycles would be like. So far everything is normal. DH and I dtd on July 22. Had a positive OPK on the 23rd and felt the usual twinge of the egg making its way down my left ovary on the 24th. I am now 9dpo and doing my best not to symptom spot or at least separate what I know is happening with my body vs. what could be my mind playing tricks on me.

Here are my most obvious signs:
1) Temping - I didn't start temping until 3dpo. It rose steadily from 3dpo to 7dpo. On 8dpo it went down .5. Today, 9dpo, it went right back up to highest. Possible implantation dip yesterday??? (fingers crossed)
2) Cervical position - The position itself has stayed relatively the same. I felt like it dropped a little one day, but it has been fairly medium - high height. The texture had been the same as well medium - hard. Today....WOW....very soft. Yesterday, 8dpo, I was almost dry with a little watery CM. Today CM is very thick and creamy.

Possibilities but not absolutes:
1) Tired - Yesterday....omg, I laid down listening to a book during lunch and next thing I know I woke up snoring. When I got home, I fell asleep watching tv and stayed asleep for 3 hours. Woke up, took shower and DH told me to go back to bed. Slept like a baby all night and didn't get up to workout this morning like normal.
2) Had pulling burning sensation inside right hip all day (but on and off) yesterday. It was very dull but obvious. This is not the same as most other implantation symptoms I've read. Everyone I read says they get a sharp stabbing in stomach around belly button. I haven't felt anything there at all.
4) Sore lymph nodes under neck yesterday but no fever, no sore throat...nothing. It is gone today.
5) Happy and super annoyed mood at same time
6) Have been feeling very spacey like I just cant focus on what is going on around me. I dont feel present.
7) Peeing every 10 minutes yesterday. It is normal today.

Symptoms I haven't had much or at all:
Sore boobs (they feel a little full but most likely in my head)
Areolas haven't changed that I can see.
No real cramping (see previous paragraph)
No breakouts - skin actually looks really good
Some bodyaches but attributing to workouts
No nausea or dizziness
No bloating

Would love to hear what others around the same DPO have been experiencing and join the remainder of the TWW with y'all.
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Re: 9dpo and counting

Postby Danaa » Wed Aug 02, 2017 11:26 am

Welcome and good luck getting ur bfp really soon.I can't say if ur pregnant or not based only on ur symptoms but I pray you are.
This site has been wonderful,very supportive and informative.
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