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Postby Nikkixobaby » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:39 pm

Hi ladies. Okay SO. I ovulated on Sept 7th. Had sex 4 days prior day of and 3 days after. For the last few days ive been having cramping on and off, a little nauseous from time to time and today I got this milky discharge. Could this be implantation already????
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Re: Symptoms

Postby sonamgupta2107 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 12:41 am

Hi dear. I am happy that you are seeking answers in such a renowned forum and I am sure you will get perfect answers. I am going to tell you my experience. Well, what made me the test was the fact that I got a terrible migraine, took one of my meds and was going to take a 2nd because that didn't work and I thought, crap I shouldn't be taking this without testing. So I sent my DH to the store to get a pee stick even though I was sure it would be negative since they have been negative for 7 years... I wanted to make myself feel better about taking the meds. Imagine my shock when it was positive! DH kept asking over and over when I did my HCG shot. He was convinced it was a false positive but I knew exactly when I took it. I didn't really get any other symptoms until a few weeks later when morning sickness set in full force. Try to consult with Lotus Clinic, the best in Ukraine if you feel any complications while pregnant.
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