Possible to conceive at 46?

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Possible to conceive at 46?

Postby Smithcourtney » Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:46 pm

Hello everyone! I was directed to this page by a friend. In the past few months I have searched the web looking for answers. I've also visited a few doctors, but it seems that my options are narrowing down with every passing moment. I've been in different relationships throughout the years. Been married 3 times. During that time I wasn't able to conceive even once. I thought that I wasn't responsible for this issue and the problem lied with my male counterparts. To be honest, I never seriously thought about having children. I was already struggling with relationships so having babies was the last thing I would do then. I finally settled down, married a supportive and loving man. We were eager to start a family. I was successful in conceiving last year but unfortunately that resulted in a miscarriage. I took the opinion of different doctors and according to them my uterus wall wasn't thick enough. Another pregnancy might give the same results as per the doctors. Now I'm worried and uncertain at this stage. Is there any hope for the future? Am I too late at 46? Need help and advice.
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Re: Possible to conceive at 46?

Postby Danaa » Mon Sep 25, 2017 1:01 pm

From what yr saying ur lining wasn't thick enough and that could be helped with vaginal progesterone.
Is not impossible to get pregnant at 46 but the egg quality can very low therefore you might experience problems in getting pregnant or possibly early losses,I really hope that si not the case for you and you get ur bfp really soon!!
Good luck!
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Re: Possible to conceive at 46?

Postby kellyK1 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:00 pm

There comes a stage in life when the woman wants to become the mother and it is the early stage after getting married. At this time, I can understand your agony and there are many reasons I want to suggest to go with the beneficial points. After 42, the menopause starts and the woman stop getting the periods. For this IVF is the ultimate and foremost option you can have to conceive the baby. There are many women in the world who desire to have the baby in this age and getting succeeded in conceiving the baby. It is the dream of every woman to become the mother and I am pretty sure you are one of them who are going to make the dream true in life. For this, Biotexcom is the ultimate and best clinic in Ukraine where you can get the high level of facilities and get pregnant easily. Now you won’t need to lose pocket much and get the guaranteed pregnancy result only at Biotexcom. It gives the high accuracy result and you can become the mother of the baby.
You are living in the advance medical generation where everything is possible. At this stage you can get the IVF treatment which gives the surety to become pregnant and you will be able to conceive the baby. IVF is the perfect treatment and give guaranteed result to the woman who wants to become mother in the later age. It is not delay yet and you have the golden opportunity to make your dream true and become the mother. But you need to be conscious about health and only eat the green leafy, iron rich and healthy nutrients foods daily. It helps in balancing the hormones.
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