Annoying periods....

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Annoying periods....

Postby Debbkinz » Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:51 am

HI all, So my periods are my worse enemy!, me an my partner have been trying for a baby for 1yr+ now, and its difficult!
All the time im thinking ' oohh im late '.. start to get excited for AF to come ! :(

This month, this is my low down, as its a weird one for me?
Last Period was 25 - 28th Aug.
from friday thee 8th sept i felt the need to pee quite abit!, then by the 10th i thought ' hmm, this could be a UTI '.. Went the emergency doctors for her to tell me i had a bad UTI, with blood in my urine (which i knew, cos when i wiped i had pink marks, TMI sorry) i never really get water infections, not had one for about a year??.
So, Im not ' 1 - 2days late '... no pains or anything down yonder, just my boobs are really blimmin killing me!, im scared to test as im sick of seeing a negative sign!, and tbh its now emotionally getting to me!
my periods are awful!.. for some reason never lets me add a pic, so incase it doesnt ill write it down...

1 march 2016 - 30 days
31 mar 2016 - 29 days
29 april 16 -29 days
28 may 16 - 29 days
26 june 16 - 30 days
26 july 16 - 30 days
25 aug 16 - 28 days
22 sept 16 - 29 days
21 oct 16 - 31 days
21 nov 16 - 30 days
21 dec 16 - 28 days
18 jan 17 - 28 days
15 feb 17 - 34 days
21 mar 17 - 30 days
20 april 17 - 27 days
17 may 17 - 36 days
22 june 17 - 29 days
21 july 17 - 35 days
25 aug 17 - 33 days

Anyone has any advice it would be very much appreciated :)
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Re: Annoying periods....

Postby kellyK1 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:42 pm

Hello dear. After reading your post all I can say you are not aware about your health properly and it is not the good thing. There are many reasons for the abnormal periods and you are not able to get pregnant. Basically the low and irregular periods happens due to the imbalance of the hormones and not conscious about health diet. Even I had seen the bad phase in my life and it was awful moment when the irregular periods lead me to the infertility issues. It is true that woman has to face many problems like miscarriage, infertility and many other problems. It is the time you need to visit to Biotexcom where you can get the world class treatment and able to regulate the periods. Now you do not need to worry and directly contact to the clinic in Kiev where you can get high level of treatment that perfectly meet your requirement. Along with this you can make your dream true and able to conceive the baby after regulating the periods.
It is the dream of every couple to have the baby who is facing the infertility problems. After contacting to the Biotexcom you will be able to regulate the periods and start the new phase in life. Along with the treatment you need to be conscious about health. It balances the hormones and maintains your health. Once the periods become regular you can easily get pregnant and conceive the baby. You can go for the morning walk daily and keep the mind fresh and positive. You need to add the high nutrients and iron rich meal in your diet and drink the fresh juice. I hope you would like my suggestion.
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