11dpiui and BFN.

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11dpiui and BFN.

Postby ajisanerd » Fri Nov 24, 2017 12:24 pm

Morning. So, I've read so many things, and I have so much information and stories running through my head, that I just need to clear it out and ask.

I'm 37 years old, cancer survivor, never tried to get pregnant because someone told me at 19 it wasn't possible. I've never been off birth control until September of 2016. I'm type 2 diabetic on insulin with PCOS. Before the first cycle, RE told me everything looked good despite the chemotherapy I took. So I tried.

I took 5 days of Letrozole, 7.5mg x 3, beginning Friday, November 3.
Three days of Follistim, 75 units.
I triggered with Ovidrel on Saturday, November 12th at 10:30pm
I had an IUI with a frozen donor sample on Monday, November 14th @ 3:30pm
32.2M sperm, 60% motility.
RE put me on Estrace 5mg x 3 and Progesterone suppositories.
I took a minidoes of hCG on Monday, November 22.
I had a blood draw on Wednesday and my Progesterone III was 41.16 so they cancelled my second minidose of hCG.

I've tested since Tuesday, Nov. 23, and even with the minidose of hCG, I got BFN on FRER and ClinicalGuard pregnancy strips. I read you could use the ovulation strips to detect hCG, so I did that too, and they showed two lines until yesterday--the second line was faint.

I had a lot of symptoms after the minidose shot, but they've faded. The only few I have left are mild cramping, which could be from the Progesterone suppositories, and sore breasts. Usually, I don't cramp before AF. I cramp at the end of my cycle. I know, it's odd, but it was like that when I was young too.

My husband as CHF, which prompted us to at least try, and we don't have the funds to go any further than one, /maybe/ two, much later (when we can save the money), IUI procedures.

I go for a blood test and a consult on Tuesday. Do you think I'm out? The man is convinced it's worked. I...don't even know what to think anymore. Some part of me wished I hadn't even tried.

Any words of encouragement would help.

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