TTC at this age

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TTC at this age

Postby sashawilson » Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:53 pm

Hey everyone! How are you all ladies out here? I really wish you all are doing well and fighting hard for different reasons in life. I just want to give you all my best wishes and motivation. I myself am a TTC at this age of 36. I know it's really a tough issue with an age. I'm trying hard to find a way out. I hope it goes well for me. Anyway! I'm also considering to have surrogacy in Kiev, Ukraine next year. Because, I presume that by only this way, I'll be able to have a child. My case is just about a HYSTERECTOMY, I had a few years back. Now, I've found this way. I'm also trying to sort out many other things. I really would love to help anyone else here. Thanks!
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Re: TTC at this age

Postby LilisMom » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:01 am

hi sasha.
how are you able to ttc after having a hystorectomy?
good luck on your journey.

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Re: TTC at this age

Postby luciaj » Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:17 pm

If a female has had her uterus removed, if she had a total or partial hysterectomy, then there is a close to 0% chance a baby will be born from that female’s body. There is, however, a minute chance that during the ovulation process, the egg will be released and fertilized by a sperm. These very rare cases of pregnancy after a hysterectomy are so-called “ectopic pregnancies”, where the fertilized egg will attach to the abdominal wall, or some other organ such as the biowel, bladder, ovary, or even the liver. If the fetus finds a blood supply sufficient to maintain growth for the first few weeks, it may grow further. This situation can be life-threatening because the pregnancy may rupture and there could be sevvere bleeding which can only be stopped by surgery. Detecting this type of pregnancy is not always easy. Abdominal pain and bleeding may lead the female to the doctor where the pregnancy will need to surgically removed to save mom’s life. However, if the woman has had one ovary or one fallopian tube removed and the uterus remains intact, there is a great chance that she will become pregnant in the future. Only one ovary and one fallopian tube is needed to release an egg to be fertilized. There is a way for woman who had a uterus removed to have a baby, surrogacy. This can only happen if she has one or both ovaries left. Eggs can be removed, fertilized outside the body, and a surrogate can then become pregnant and carry her baby.
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