False positive? Losing hope :(

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Re: False positive? Losing hope :(

Postby Nicole Alex » Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:47 pm

MissEleonora wrote:I have been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms Ive been feeling unusually light headed and dizzy, feel so nauseous and emotional and I even had a very strange back cramp. I also have very vivid dreams including sleep paralysis idk if that’s a symptom? So I took a Sainsburys test at 10dpo I knew it was a bit too early considering my period is due tomorrow and I’m currently 12dpo but I did it anyway and It was negative at first and I’m kind of pessimistic about these things so I just threw my test in the draw but I looked at it again 15 mins later and it was a full on positive well a bit faint but positive and I know that the test doesn’t count after 10 mins so i didn’t get excited but decided to test with first response the next day and it was negative.... I heard a lot about these Sainsbury’s tests and I feel so gutted that it was a false positive or a very blue Evap Line.. I took another first response test today and I thought I saw a line a very very faint line but I think it’s just an indent. I feel so depressed because I feel like it will never happen for me. I’ve been trying for nearly a year and I have regular cycles (35) my period is due tomorrow xx

Hi dear. I can understand that you are going through much. It gets very depressing. I would suggest you consult a good clinic. There is an event going on in London. In that event, there are many doctors who will be participating. They are very proficient and they will surely help you out with all your queries. I wish you all the luck.
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Re: False positive? Losing hope :(

Postby Mandy7 » Mon Aug 27, 2018 12:31 pm

Heyyy, don't be upset. This happens. There's nothing wrong in it. maybe you took a test a little too early. You should wait for a couple of days and try again. Don't jump to conclusions like that. This will only give you unnecessary stress. Stress is one of the things the doctors advise us to avoid in a situation like this. I hope you get your BFP soon.
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Re: False positive? Losing hope :(

Postby hannahdavid » Tue Aug 28, 2018 10:03 am

Hopefully, this isn't a false alarm. This is a very confusing time for anyone. You just have to be very careful. I can understand how hard it is to go through this. I remember how many false alarms I used to have! However, my case is a bit too severe! This is mainly because of my fertility disorder. After a year I had to visit the doctor for help. Who broke down the news to me. However, your symptoms seem very real! I read your reply as well! I hope you will soon be seeing a positive BFP. Good luck to you! Do keep us updated. Sending baby dust your way.
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Re: False positive? Losing hope :(

Postby emma228 » Wed Aug 29, 2018 12:03 pm

I hope you are doing fine. I think you should consult a doctor for it. There might be some trouble in conceiving. I think you should take a treatment for it. And take care of yourself as well. I hope so nothing will be wrong. Stay blessed
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