2 DPIUI - Looking for two week wait buddies

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2 DPIUI - Looking for two week wait buddies

Postby Ttcjessandscottco » Mon Mar 05, 2018 1:01 pm

Hello all,

I am 2 days post IUI. I'm already going crazy on this 2 week wait. I am looking for ladies who are ready to conquer this 2 WW together. First timers, IUI'ers and IVF'ers all welcome! I myself am not going to test until the date my doc told me to, so I am in for the full TWW. I'd love to share and hear how we are doing stress wise, any funny stories, anything we've tried to take our minds off of it, successes, symptoms (PMS or pre-baby!) that we are experiencing.

35 yrs old (Husband is 35 as well)
No known reason for our infertility
8 month trying, 2 months clomid, 1st month IUI
Took Femara cycle day 3-7 as well as well day 11-15.
Ovidrel shot day 18
IUI day 20
I obviously have long cycles!!

No symptoms yet. Staying super optimistic though and waiting for other optimistic waiters to join with me to make waiting easier!

Thank you!
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