New-HELP please!! Could I be preggo

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New-HELP please!! Could I be preggo

Postby waitonHim18 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:15 pm


I am totally new to posting/blogging or what have you, so I don't know all of the proper lingo to use, but will try my best! lol Here's what's going on. I have been experiencing swollen and heavy breast along with the "let down" tingling sensation in both breast for about 7 days now (6dpo). It's not my nipples, but the over all entire breast - around the fatty parts and armpit. I have read that these symptoms could also be related to PMS; however, is not normal for me and the sensations are intensifying as I approach af's due date on Thursday. I have had several other early symptoms (which also mimic pms) off and on such as tired, bloated, backache, moody, creamy white dc, food cravings, but not consistent enough for me to not think it's all in my head. Mainly, it's just the sensation in my breast and oddly, waking an hour early the last week from a full bladder when I usually am awaken by alarm and do not need to potty once getting up (all for 7 days). The sensations in my breast are so strong I decided to test this morning, because I just knew something was up; however, received a bfn. Anyhow, just wondering if I could be pregnant and am a bit anxious if anyone has experienced theses symptoms, tested 2 days before af (with bfn) and ended up pregnant? We are not purposely trying; however, we welcome the idea of baby # 2 as we have a 6 year old daughter. BUT I think I am wanting to start actively trying!! Thanks!

I know af is due in a couple days, but I am so anxious so to see what's up. Could these breast sensations, this strong only be PMS? Any thoughts?
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