15 dpiui and I'm super confused

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15 dpiui and I'm super confused

Postby fallon1923 » Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:00 pm

Hi everyone. So my last period was April 1st. I took Clomid days 5-9, triggered with Ovidrel on April 11th and went for my IUI with donor sperm on the morning of April 13th. Yesterday (April 27th), I took a HPT (I know, sort of early early) just because I planned on seeing the dr in the afternoon anyway to discuss options moving forward. The HPT was negative. Took another urine test at the dr. which was also negative. They said they were 99% sure now that I wasn't pregnant. Planned on adjusting meds for next IUI cycle (I have thin lining and Clomid might not be a good option). They said to call when my period started so set up a day 3 ultrasound again to get the green light to kick things off. Today I've had really weird spotting (I never have spotting). Instead of red period blood it's dark brown almost black. Barely anything there. And sorry for being gross but chunks are coming out. I can't tell if they are blood clots or what it is. My period is always timely and predictable. This doesn't seem normal. Should I call this in as my Day 1? Should I be worried? Is there a chance I still could be pregnant? What's going on???
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Re: 15 dpiui and I'm super confused

Postby Twacky » Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:30 am

it could be the Clomid lengthened your LP (I vaguely recall it extending mine a bit) but messed with your lining. Or since you didn't do a blood test at the docs you might still be pg. Either way don't count cd 1 till you see red and discuss this with the doc when you next see him/her.
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