Sudden Period Stop

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Sudden Period Stop

Postby WillowTree » Sat Sep 01, 2018 3:55 pm

Hi all,

Has anyone had experience or heard of someone's period stopping suddenly after stopping birth control?

I'm self diagnosed PCOS
I had been on birth control for three or four years. During this time my period was regular, due to the pills I guess. I stopped taking it in February and since then my period has been very regular, every thirty days. This month, seven months later, my period just stopped. I'm four days late at this point. We've been ttc, but I have been having a very hard time with tracking and had basically concluded that I'm not ovulating at all(I have a dr's appointment later this month to deal with that). I took a PT two days ago, just in case and got a BFN. I know that a lack of period is common in PCOS. I guess I'm just thrown off that it stopped so suddenly. One more problem to deal with in this journey.

Has anyone had this happen before?
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Re: Sudden Period Stop

Postby hannahdavid » Sun Oct 07, 2018 3:45 am

Firstly, go and visit a doctor. Self-diagnosis will only prolong things. Visit someone who is experienced in this field and ask them for help. I made the same mistake and it just wasted my time. Now that I am visiting a doctor things have changed for me a lot. The clinic did my tests and medically examined me. After that, I was told that there are assisted conception procedures that I should look into. They helped me decide which I should opt for. Therefore, my advice to you would be that before taking any further step visit a fertility specialist. I am sure there is nothing to worry about. However, doctors know more about this then we do. Stay positive and calm. Don't let any negativity strike your. Sending baby dust. Do keep us updated.
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