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Anti-Müllerian Hormone Test Results at 42 (Just got 'em!)

Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:37 am

OK, so I requested this blood test for my ovarian reserve, as I missed CD3 testing (weekend) and I just turned 42, so I am kind of desperate here, and they told me - NORMAL. I asked for the actual NUMBER. It is 1.34. Is that truly a great number for my age?? Anybody else have this test? Is it a pretty reliable test? My clock is ticking, LOL.


PS- I have had IUI for my last kids, but we are going back to right b4 35 (twins), and this test was not avail. then.

Re: Anti-Müllerian Hormone Test Results at 42 (Just got 'em!

Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:48 am

It pretty awesome for your age.
Lots of doctors trust the amh but also lots of them go by the AFC,a scan done in the first day of cycle counting the follies on ur ovaries but it sound like ur just fine and now get to work lol.
Good luck!

Re: Anti-Müllerian Hormone Test Results at 42 (Just got 'em!

Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:46 pm

LOL.. told you I felt young :). Maybe my eggs are getting that same feeling :) (HOPEFULLY!!) OK.. we had a talk yesterday. Hub said he WILL GO FOR THE SPERM TEST!!! That is quite a hurdle for the man. We can go through tests and procedures because we want something very bad, but even when men want something, it is different for them to take that plunge.. at least many times it is. (We wish it was only so easy for us to just provide a sample, but it's psychological and a MAN THING, not that we think of them differently at all. Their count doesn't make them less of a man to us, we just wanna take the right course of action, but THEY feel that way.) Hoping for the best there ((praying)), but we gotta know! He is older now so.. but I am proud of him, cause I know it's an ego thing! We don't have time to waste.

I am very happy about that progress now. Then we can take a course of action. I got a +OPK yesterday, so we BD, but at least I know he sounds on board should we need to go with IUI or even IVF, though I do wish it was covered like it once was with his old awesome insurance, I have his go ahead. I wanted to give my 3 FREE IVF tries to my TTC friends years ago with his amazing insurance, cause what a waste when it's soo expensive and you didn't have to use them.. I felt awful. NOT FAIR! Now I don't think we get any of it covered, but will look into it today.

Infertility is NOT a cosmetic issue, it is a disease in my book, and should be treated as such. We don't choose it, it chooses US, and nobody wants it, so I think change MUST be made to protect our rights to procreate without having to sometimes choose no children for monetary purposes which is sooo sad. Then you got people who get pregnant at the drop of a hat and abort or treat their kids horribly.. it's sooooooooo not fair when so many want and haven't had yet, but you will have & I will keep you in my daily prayers!!! I will KUP.. and I will stalk you until your BFP & BEYOND! Thanks for being there for me. It is SOOO appreciated!!! Can't wait for your bfp NEWS. God bless u my friend!

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