Immunological treatments?

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Immunological treatments?

Postby jlojenjen » Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:32 pm

Hi ladies, I want to pick your brains a bit. I just had my 3rd failed ivf (7th failed IF treatment), and I am afraid we have to cry uncle and just accept that my body won't accept implantation. the event that I feel differently later, and somehow become rich (lotto?), I am researching as much as I can.

Did any of you have immunological treatment? I have several autoimmune diseases (RA, Lupus, etc), and I have ALWAYS felt that was my main issue with conceiving.

Numerous times (this time included) I have had implantation and pregnancy signs in the first several days after implantation. Then all of a sudden, I start having a flare (swollen glands, achy joints/muscles, fever, sores in mouth), and all the pregnancy symptoms go away, as do the positive home tests.

I truly believe my body is killing off any poor little embryo that tries to implant.

I tried Intralipids this round. Has anyone done IVIG, or any other immunological treatments? I just found, and they have all kinds of explanations, that seem to match what I'm describing.

Not sure if I should pursue more attempts, go with a surrogate, or call it quits. But I suppose right now is not the best time to make that call...

I'm going to post this on other threads, too, so I apologize if you see a dupe :)

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Postby AnnaJuly » Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:46 pm

Sorry do not have an answer for you. I too have various autoimmune disorders. One thing that has kept me under was not knowing all that I had. First was my thyroid - then a few years later I learned about another and now a few months ago another.... Make sure you are tested for all in your spectrum. Autoimmune diseases tend to cluster in specific ways. There maybe something you have not found. I have read an book called -'Is your Body Baby Friendly' - in it the author discusses treatments for women with autoimmine disorders to carry to term. One contoversial treatment involves transfusions. The book may be useful to you. He focuses on NK cells but I have seen some studies that dispute the effect.
Interesting, you mention sores in the mouth. My last chemical pregnancy, I had what felt like a cold sore - I thought it was really odd. I do not get them normally.
I think the key is reducing inflamation - if at all possible.
KUP on what you find.
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Postby waitingtobemommy » Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:27 pm

Sorry this post is so long after your original post, but I wanted to add this:

I had a phone consult with Dr. Sher from Sher Institute this week and he recommended additional testing for me, in particular a test to determine if my natural killer cells were activated, which if they were, would be preventing me from either getting and/or staying pregnant because the activated cells would be fighting the embryo. He told me that my course of tx, if they were activated, would be IVF and that he would do IVIG and/or intralipids.

I would HIGHLY recommend a phone consult with Dr. Sher. It's free, he gives a TON of information, and can order labs for you to do at your regular clinic. And after he receives the results, he'll call you again to go over the results and course of tx with you.

You can also read his blog at and check out his website at

Good luck!
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