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Re: AMH Levels

Wed Jun 25, 2014 2:40 am

Hi Ana,

Good to hear from you. I am so pleased you finally have your pram! Congrats on 'winning' the auction. I laughed when i read about you taking the thing down but Ive just realised we haven't tried to do that yet!! Its just in the hallway waiting to be used..... I guess I should give that a go very soon. :)

It does sound as though you have a whoppa in there! However I know I few women who have had larger babies naturally and they coped just fine. The main thing is the baby is fine and clearly thriving!! At the midwife appointment yesterday, they estimated about 7.1/7.2lb for me currently so im heading for an 8lb baby if he is overdue.

2 of the NCT ladies have now had their babies (one was twins after IVF) and another is in labour as we speak. All very exciting and im trying not to whinge 'whens it my turn' every 2 seconds!!

Great news about work - that must be such a relief. Try not to work too much more more though Ana, you should be taking it easy at this stage of your pregnancy. Im not doing very much apart
from eating and watching England crash out of the world cup. Oh well, there is always Andy Murray....

So Ill keep you posted. Im due on Monday but I expect to be overdue. My next appointment is Tuesday, where ill be offered a stretch and sweep....umm not sure about that yet.
Hospital bag all packed and ready to go!!

Lots of love Ana
Ill be thinking of you - our babies are nearly here!!!!! :yay:


Re: AMH Levels

Wed Jun 25, 2014 7:50 am

**lurking** just wanted to pop in to wish you ladies both the very best of luck with your due dates approaching :) Hope everything goes smoothly and Can't wait to hear how it goes and see pictures of your little miracles xx

Re: AMH Levels

Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:44 am

Hi Shells

Just seen your signature!!! Congratulations!!!!!!
I am so thrilled for you hon, I really am. This news really cheered me up. You totally deserve this.
Ill keep you posted on my news. Getting a bit nervous now but hopefully all will go well.

Re: AMH Levels

Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:07 am

Thank you - cautiously excited, first scan on 7th july at 9 weeks and hoping everything is fine, had some spotting a couple of times over this last week or so but it stops so thinking positively xx

You've come so far you'll breeze the last part :wink: Hoping it's a nice smooth and easy delivery for you both xx

Re: AMH Levels

Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:34 am

Good luck for your scan on the 07th July Shells, Ill be thinking of you. Please keep us posted. Im sure everything will be absolutely fine.
Afm - im 4 days overdue now and in this heat, that is no picnic!!
I had my first stretch and sweep on Tuesday which was pretty unpleasant to be honest but I thought it was worth a try. It didnt work but I had quite a lot of bleeding afterwards.
Apparently I am 1cm dilated, so still a long way to go. My next appointment is on Tuesday for a second sweep. If that doesn't work, my induction date is the 12th July.
Fingers crossed it doesnt come to that.....

Hope you are well Ana - your due date is nearly here!! How exciting.

Re: AMH Levels

Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:52 am

Oh bless nicky i hope you go naturally before then! My sister had stretch and sweep twice and they didn't work and she had to be induced, Hope yours works and your little man is here safe and sound very soon x

Ana Good luck as your due date approaches too :)

Maybe you'll have them on the same day :) x

Re: AMH Levels

Sun Jul 06, 2014 11:33 am

Hi Shells and hi Nicky,

Shells, I am so thrilled about your pregnancy, I hope everything is still going OK. Good luck with your scan tomorrow. I know that scans can be terrifying after you have had a loss but once you see that heartbeat it will all be totally amazing. Please pop back and tell us how it went. Try not to worry too much about any spotting (I know this is actually impossible and like asking someone not to think of pink elephants) but spotting is totally normal. During this pregnancy I had spotting/light bleeding at 5dp5dpt (10 dpo), then again at 6 weeks and also at 13 weeks. It made go absolutely crazy every single time. The doctors always reassured me that it really doesn’t mean anything. I think it is just that there is a lot going on in there.

Nicky: Yikes!! Are you still pregnant? Your stretch and sweep sounds awful. You must be six days overdue now. You poor thing! The heat is intolerable, isn’t it? Are you having any contractions? Any signs that the baby is coming? I have a stretch and sweep booked for the 17th and I am not looking forward to it but I will try anything to avoid induction.

How are you feeling about the labour process, Nicky? I am starting to get nervous now. I can’t help thinking that it is going to hurt – a lot. I have been having random contractions, which never amount to anything, and they really hurt. I can’t imagine having them constantly……for hours. Have you been trying the non-medical ways to induce labour? I have been trying to walk everywhere but I am so huge it is almost impossible. It just means that it takes me hours to go anywhere and I keep having to sit down every few minutes.

Oh Nicky, I do feel for you and I do hope that your baby boy comes soon.

AFM: Not much going on. I have finally finished work – it was getting almost impossible – but I still have some marking for my student to do. I also still have meetings to attend in order to set up the transfer of the technology to the company that would like to continue the project. I also have to work out a way that we can work together in the future.

Apart from working, I have manly been exhausted. I slept for almost my entire first day off work. I didn’t know it was possible to sleep quite so much in one day. I thought it might be an indication that labour was about to start but, huh, no such luck.

Good luck ladies….I hope to hear good news from you both very soon.



Re: AMH Levels

Mon Jul 07, 2014 6:06 am

Ladies i hope you are both well - Nicky i hope you have your little man in your arms by now just wanted to pop in and share my news with you both...

It's TWINS!!

Twin 1 on the right is measuring 9+3 and twin 2 was hiding behind the other and was curled up and they struggled to get a decent measurement but have put 8+6 on paperwork after initially saying 9+1.

I didn't get any print out pictures as it was EPU scan - but they let us take a picture of the screen!


Re: AMH Levels

Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:42 pm

:happyforyou: :happyforyou: :yay: :happyforyou: :happyforyou:
Congratulations Shells!! I had a funny feeling it might be twins. You must be over the moon. I am so happy for you. Do you think you will find out the genders? Do they think the babies are fraternal twins?

Nicky, Any news? Is your baby here yet?

Re: AMH Levels

Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:32 pm

Thank you :)

Yes we will find our genders as it's twins :) They think fraternal because they have their own sacks and placentas but if they split early enough identicals would have those too. I ovulated from the left (which i knew from the pain of the CL lol) Nothing on the right so if they are fraternal they came from one follicle or they are identical :) xx

Re: AMH Levels

Sun Jul 13, 2014 3:17 am

Hi Nicky,
Did you get to your second stretch and sweep on Tuesday? How did it go? Your induction date was yesterday........I can only guess that you are either in the process of having your baby or that your boy is already here. I hope everything went well and you are at home with your precious bundle. Pop in and fill us in on how you are doing. Wishing you all the best. A xxx

Hey Shells,
It is great that the babies have their own placentas - it makes everything so much less risky, as I am sure you probably know already. You are probably still walking in cloud 9. I am sure that you will get lots of extra attention with twins. I hope it all goes well.

Nothing to report here. No sign of baby.

Re: AMH Levels

Wed Jul 16, 2014 9:28 am

Hi Girls,

Congrats Shells - thats fantastic news!!!! I am beyond thrilled for you. :happyforyou: :happyforyou:

I bring good news too that after being induced on 07th July, I gave birth by emergency c-section (baby got into distress) on the 08th July at 08:52am!!
Jack Oliver Dickins weighed 7lbs 8ozs and is perfect in every way. We are beyond thrilled to finally have him here. :hb: :hb: :hb:
We are both extremely tired, I'm not going to lie to you ladies, breastfeeding is hard work! However he is more than worth it and every moment is precious with him.

Ana - your day will be here any minute, please keep me posted!!! I am thinking of you.

I hope this thread has given hope to ladies TTC to show that infertility doesn't have to win and you will get your take home babies in the end. Dont give up!! :D :D :D :D

Re: AMH Levels

Fri Jul 18, 2014 11:46 am

congratulations nicky so pleased to hear of the safe arrival of your son :happyforyou: :yay: Sounds like it was a little stressful but in safe hands. Hope the BF gets easier for you :)

Ana you will be posting your new arrival soon! Hope your keeping well x

Re: AMH Levels

Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:04 am

Woo Hoo Nicky!!!! Congratulations. I am so happy to hear that your little boy has arrived and what a lovely name. When you are fully recovered I need so many more details. I would love to read your birth story and see a pic of little Jack. I am so very happy for you. Take care and rest as much as you can.

There hasn't been a whole lot happening here. I had a sweep this morning. I am dilated 1 cm and have a favourable cervix. The midwife said she could feel the babies head. :omg: :omg: I am booked in for an induction tomorrow but I am praying that this baby decides to get going by herself.

Shells....hope all is well with your little ones.

Re: AMH Levels

Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:17 pm

Oooo good luck today! Hopefully you have gone by yourself overnight and your little one will soon be safely in your arms x

We're doing great thank you all is good so far x
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