New requirements from RE

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New requirements from RE

Postby goody5 » Fri Jul 18, 2014 6:40 am

I went to see a new RE yesterday. I'm very overwhelmed by how many appointments and proceeders I need done. My RE is 2 hours away, I'm looking at having to drive down there several times a week. I also need to see a nutritionist and a maternal fetal consultant. I'm confused at what exactly the maternal fetal consultant does? It's for high risk pregnancies, does that mean I'll be high risk?
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Re: New requirements from RE

Postby queenypink » Wed Aug 20, 2014 10:54 am

Hi Goody - I'll share a little of my experience hoping that it helps a little, though I live in Canada. Things may be a little different here.

So, like you, my fertility doc/clinic is two hours away. Super shitty when you work a typical business schedule (M-F, 8:30-4:30). Currently DH and I are doing IUI. So, before O (usually about a week) I have to start monitoring everything with bloodwork. I usually go in about 3-4 times in a week to get my levels monitored for my surge. Luckily I am about a 5 minute walk from the hospital in my town. It opens at 7am, which means I go at 6:15 (beat the lineup), and have plenty of time to get my test, walk home, and get to work. So, I'm lucky that I dont' have to take any time off for this. Once my labs come back indicating a surge, I have to be ready to go down the next day (rarely that day) for the IUI procedure. This is usually a few hours considering DH has to produce his sample there, time for the wash, and time for the actual procedure.

I am really lucky that it only takes usually one day of sick time for work, so it hasn't really caused much of an issue (though it's challenging to have no notice and work two work schedules around that).

I've also had to see maternal fetal medicine - maybe the same thing as you? Anyways, I did have to meet with them specifically because I will be a high risk pregnancy. They talked to me about what my pregnancy would look like, and potential risks. Very informative. It definitely isn't standard here to meet with one - I think that would be a question to ask the RE for sure. And, if you are high risk, they should definitely be talking to you about that rather than leaving you in the dark! I would even call the RE's office and ask if it's standard to refer all patients. You never know...

I didn't have to meet with a nutritionist, though I kinda wish I could! I would love to know if I'm eating something that's hindering my chances.

Now... If DH and I decide to go down the IVF route, that's gonna change things. Thats about a week of monitoring through U/S which can only be done at the clinic, and a period of a week in our big city (4 hours away) for egg retrieval, etc. I'm planning (if need be, but praying we don't get that far) to use vacation time to work half days on the week of monitoring, and sick time for my week away. And I'm praying my work is supportive of everything...
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