pelvic inflammatory disease possible bfp

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pelvic inflammatory disease possible bfp

Postby krisanna6336 » Fri Jul 18, 2014 1:43 pm

I was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease 2 years ago.
Hi ladies I am 23yrs old and me and my husband have been TTC for 8 months now. This cycle had been unlike any cycle so far. AF was due and was 4 days late. Then I bled for 1 day and spotted for 2 days which was weird because usually my period is between 5 to 6 days and heavy to mild. Day 4 me and my husband did the BD and (tmi sorry ladies) afterwards we noticed he was covered in thick white odorless smooth cm he even commented "what is that babe, it looks like yogurt." The day after that the yellow snot like blood tinged cm started and its been 4 days now I still have it and its odorless, no itch, no burn and less in quantity but still there when after I wipe. It looks like bits and pieces of a mucus plug. Yesterday I woke up and my whole entire body was sore like I had been exercising but I hadn't. My abdomen especially felt as though I had done crunches or sit ups and I hadn't. Slight nausea, super tired. Husband says I am moody though I myself dont notice it. Help ladies. Share your similar experiences and opinions. Have a blessed day and tons of baby dust your way!!!
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