How do you stay positive?

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How do you stay positive?

Postby Fedupofwaiting » Fri Aug 08, 2014 6:59 am

Hi everyone, having bit of a bad day today and feel bit down m fed up, feeling sorry for myself. We have been ttc for years and investigations show poor sperm quality and count (but not impossible to concieve). We have just had first ivf cycle that ended on bfn and going to start FET in couple months.

I know deep down I'm so lucky to have an amazing Dh, good job, lovely home and 3 frozen embies yet I can't help feeling so sad we going through this struggle. I wish we just knew if it would never happen so least I can stop getting my hopes up.....

Some days I feel positive and strong but today I just feel rubbish

How do other people manage these emotions?? I wish I could just stop thinking about it until I start next cycle haha but obv that not going to happen

Sorry to be depressive :( I'm not usually like this
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Re: How do you stay positive?

Postby laomy » Thu Aug 21, 2014 2:29 pm

I'm sorry :( I have been TTC #1 just under 2 years. Some days I just have no hope. The only thing you can do is just keep on going, and occupy yourself with the things you like to do. On the worst days, it helps me to work out in my yard, and plant stuff, gardening, etc.
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