Newbie: Terrified for initial infertility tests!

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Newbie: Terrified for initial infertility tests!

Postby Smoph » Fri Aug 15, 2014 2:09 pm

This is my 14th month TTC. I dare not think how many cycles (at one point my cycles were only 14days). Anyway, I managed to pluck up the courage, all the way back in January (new year resolution i believe), to go to the doctors. It was a horrible experience. I am a socially difficult person and yet I was the one leading the discussion with the junior male doctor who did all but snigger at the word period. He actually conferred with a senior doctor for help as he was clearly out of his comfort zone, and I was referred for blood tests (TFT, FSH & LH) and for triple swabs. Well it's August now. 8 months later, cycles are longer but still no baby, and still no tests. I say every cycle that I'll go next time (blood tests on CD2).

Truth is i'm terrified. I don't know why. Please someone tell me that it happens. That it is perfectly normal to sometimes have to wait and try this long?! That the results won't tell me my worst fears, that i can never be a mum! I fear that if I go, the tests will only tell me i should be pregnant by now because there is nothing wrong or that I can never be pregnant. Explain that there is an inbetween. I'm sure I sound crazy but I that's how TTC has made me feel.....i feel like a complete baby nutjob! haha
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Re: Newbie: Terrified for initial infertility tests!

Postby ChristineHow22 » Sun Aug 17, 2014 9:28 am

Hi Smoph,

I can't tell you that it's going to work, because it still hasn't happened for me. :? What I can tell you is that you NEED to push your doctor for more tests/help - or change doctors!
I started ttc 16 months ago, so pretty close to you. I just happened to have my annual exam with my gyn (who is WONDERFUL) around the time we started, and she told me to call her if nothing happened after 6 months because of my age. (I was 33 at the time.) When I went back after 6 months, she MADE me have my husband's sperm tested and had me try 3 cycles of Clomid, and then referred me to an RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) because she said there was nothing else she could do to help at that point. Some insurances won't cover further testing until you have been actively ttc for one year (6 months if over 35) but a good doctor will help you out with that. :wink:
The RE did a ton of blood work and an ultrasound right away, and suggested a higher dose of meds and IUI because of several factors combined. Then when I wasn't responding - which she knew because of close monitoring with ultrasounds - she suggested a laparoscopy. That showed other issues that she was able to fix, and further monitoring has helped to figure out what my body responds best to. Without all of that, I would still just be "trying" right now and would have no shot at all because I would have no idea about all of the factors impacting my ability to conceive! It's all a lot of time and effort (and some money, but my insurance had been pretty helpful so far) but with each new discovery I'm that much closer to finally being a mom.
And don't worry about sounding crazy.....that's just what this does to all of us! My RE actually told me that I'm allowed to feel crazy, because all of this is more than we women are meant to have to deal with. You'll see from reading other posts on this site that you're definitely not alone!

Good luck!
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Re: Newbie: Terrified for initial infertility tests!

Postby Meganjeanhart » Tue Aug 19, 2014 2:30 pm

Trust me I have been going through the exact same thing! My husband and I have been trying for nearly 4 years. I went to one doctor and it was not the best interaction. She never wanted to do any test just perscribed meds which made me very uncomfortable. I have now found the best doctor ever and he has made us feel a lot better. I am going in for my HSG test and hoping next month we can start on IUI. I am just wanting nothing more than to be a mom which I am thinking you are in the same boat. I just know the only way it will happen for us is to see this Doctor just keep that in mind! It will happen I know it!!!
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Re: Newbie: Terrified for initial infertility tests!

Postby Danaa » Tue Nov 18, 2014 12:23 pm

I know this is an old topic but i just wanna share with you ladies what i feel,I been TTC for a while now,when I saw that nothing happens I went and see a doc told her all about my problem and she referred me to an RE,this way I found out that I had an high TSH,don't be afraid of doctor and tests ladies,I know is scary to think about the outcome but I believe is better to face it deal with it find a solution don't just give up,i been thru hsg?histeroscopy ultrasounds blood tests,all were good but no baby,then decided to have an diagnostic laparoscopy wich showed few problems,i was never afraid i never hezitated of doing any of these tests bcs i knew all of them will Bring me closer to having a baby,doctors can do miracles these days,and if you feel your doctor and you are not on the same pace change doctors,i know is not easy but sometimes is necesary.And let me tell you ladies I won't give up I will do anything I humanly can to have a baby.
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Re: Newbie: Terrified for initial infertility tests!

Postby pumpkinseed » Sun Jan 11, 2015 12:10 pm

It took my siste two years to conceive before thyroid diagnosis. Get on meds asap and get that tsh under for better chance at bfp. Google Mary Shoman, Stop Thyroid Madness for more infoon which tests to have. If you have positive antibodies (not all docs test for this) get off gluten. Good luck! I like your positive mindness and decision to find out all you can.
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