New Here and hoping for advice?

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New Here and hoping for advice?

Postby knitninja » Fri Jan 09, 2015 3:02 pm

Hello everyone! Even thought we've been ttc since roughly 2006, I've never actually joined a support forum. We've done the on and off as far as going through medical assistance and recently (since September) are trying treatments again (with a new practitioner since we ended our previous assistance because of bad experiences with the previous practitioner). I am absolutely terrified of all this >.> but I figured I could give it at least one shot.

My Dr. started with more of the basic tests/treatment (previously it was just jumped in straight to femera (I hope I spelled that correctly >.>) )and suspected low progesterone. Since starting it after my peak (we are tracking in the Creighton Model), my cycles have slowly started becoming more normal in their process (having the rise and fall of fertile mucus), but this past cycle was extremely odd and now I'm stumped and waiting for my dr. to get back with me :/. It's most frustrating because we were going to start the hormone testing this new cycle, but with the last one not clearly ending, we're having to wait. The cycle started on 11/27 and all signs show ovulation around 12/16. I then started the progesterone suppository the night of 12/19. We did the BD the day of ovulation, the day prior, and on the 19th. on the 12/21, 12/24, and 12/28 I had creamy mucus (and a nasty random nosebleed Christmas Day that took three "stops" before it would really stop). From 12/29-1/3 I had mostly brown spotting with some deep redish mixed with light pink on the 1st and 2nd (I call it spotting because it was only obvious when wiping and never actually was enough to need a pad or liner...sorry for tmi). On 1/4 I had the little gummy ball mucus and on 1/5 I had a really stretchy gummy nasty looking booger mucus (but only once). The only "symptom" I've had is an occasional cramping that feels cervical and that I'm much more emotional. We are now at 24 dpo with only BFN and no real answers :( . I reached out to the dr. and she's doing some research before she gets back with me, but it's just frustrating because the start of this cycle was my best looking yet and we've finally found a dr. that is willing to listen to us and we were finally really taking steps forward and then...this. Anyone ever experience anything like this before? I did have a cold that started around the 29th and lasted for a few days, but I didn't take any medicine and just treated with orange juice and things like that. :/
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