Stressed Out!

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Stressed Out!

Postby mumstheword » Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:12 pm

Hi All,

I am 25 (26 in 6 months) and relatively healthy - i don't drink excessively and I do smoke but only a few over the weekend.
I haven't been on the pill for almost 3 years - I have been with my partner (same age as me) for 8 years.
In this time we haven't been trying to fall pregnant - but we clearly haven't been taking precautions. We don't have sex every day, maybe one a week - some times less, so I thought maybe that was why.
This month we decided yes lets give it ago - I got a Clearblue Ovulation Detector (The advanced one that give you your 4 most fertile days) I had 5 days of flashing smileys and then got my peak smiley that stayed on the screen for 2 days. We BD the day before this and on the second day of having that smiley. (and other days whilst I had the flashing ones) I'm currently 9DPO and don't have any symptoms that make me think I'm pregnant. And I just know that I won't be.
I am so worried that something is wrong - I mean 3 years unprotected sex and no baby, not even a scare? What does that say? I have talked to my partner about it and he doesn't seem to think its a huge deal at the moment and when it happens it will happen but it's so stressful even thinking about it.
I'm quite regular with my Period generally 28 days.
I don't know if this is the right forum to talk but I'd really like to talk with others about it because it's driving me crazy.
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