secondary infertility

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secondary infertility

Postby coops79 » Fri Feb 27, 2015 9:21 am

Hi everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone has similar experiences and could offer any advice as I think I'm slowly going round the twist. My husband and I were diagnosed about 18 months ago with "unexplained secondary infertility" - we have a 7 year old and have been trying for no 2 for 3 and a half years now. Basically we were told that every test had come back normal so there was no reason why we can't conceive.

Anyway, in the last 2 years I seem to have had constant gynae and health problems and I'm really worried that they're all connected. I've been told I have cervical ectropion and have had silver nitrate cautery twice - I seem to have constant heavy discharge which leaves me swollen and itchy (sorry tmi) and sometimes with mild cramps- not exactly conducive to baby making. The only relief I seem to get from it is for a few days after my period. I have gained weight for no reason and just can't shift it - then a few months ago, my fingers became really swollen, I was told it was down to a B12 and D deficiency and put on tablets (I'm just awaiting results of blood tests to see if there is an improvement). I have next to no energy and no motivation to do anything - my libido is almost non existent at the moment and I just feel so utterly fed up with it all, I feel fat, unattractive and so miserable. My periods are fairly regular, usually between 27 and 32 day cycle - but last month I noticed I was having a LOT of clots (again sorry!) which freaked me out a bit. My smear test has come back clear.

Does anyone have any experience with these kind of symptoms? Am i genuinely going insane or is this all somehow related?
I would really appreciate any advice anyone can offer.
thank you so much
Annie x
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