chlomiphene help!

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chlomiphene help!

Postby baby2015? » Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:40 pm

I am new to this and i need help!! so my husband and i have been ttc and have been unsuccessful for 2 yrs.. finally decided to see a specialist. I had the blood work and the hysterogram, showed one side is open however i did have an EP in 2012 so unfortunately they had to remove my left FT my specialist has prescribed Clomiphene 50mg which my first dose is on monday 5-9 , i have a concern because i have done some research and found out that it increases your chances of getting ovarian cancer.... i just dont know what to do and i am a little scared i want to get pregnant but i also dont want to worry about getting cancer u know... ugh so confused..someone please ease my mind..
also my 1st period( today) is so painful and with bad cramps, could this be because of the hysterogram?
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Re: chlomiphene help!

Postby bignettyb » Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:05 am

Hi baby2015 - research has show that there may be a small increased risk of ovarian ca in ladies who take clomid but that is in ladies who have used it for a long time. The risks are very small. That's why doctors only prescribe it for a few months. using it for the few months that a doctor will give you it for is unlikely to increase your chance of developing ovarian cancer but will increase your chance of getting pregnant :-)

My period pain has been really bad since I've been taking clomid but I didn't notice much change after my hysterosalpingogram (as far as I can remember)
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