Question about my husband's SA

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Question about my husband's SA

Postby Spirefly » Fri Mar 06, 2015 1:04 pm

We had our first SA done on Tuesday and just got the results today. Here's what it says:

Semen Appearance: Normal
Semen Color: Opaque
Semen Viscosity: Normal
Semen Volume: 3.0 ML (Normal)
Semen Liquefaction: Normal
Semen pH: 8.0 (Normal)

Sperm Count: Test not performed. Unable to do sperm count due to rare spermatozoa present. Only saw 4 non-motile spermatozoa on the slide review.

Sperm Motility: 0 L
Sperm Morphology: *(B)

Then it says "Pathologist comments to follow." But there are no comments. We called the lab and they said the pathologist wasn't even in the lab that day, and he'll be back on Monday to finish the report...

As far as the sperm count, I'm not quite sure I understand what that means. Does anyone here have any ideas or similar experiences? I tried to research about "rare non-motile sperm" and all I could find was information about men who've had a vasectomy, nothing about out situation.

They said they only saw the 4 sperm on the one slide and didn't do another slide because the doctor didn't order it. I just feel kinda icky about the whole thing and of course DH and I both are emotionally very upset right now.

We plan to do a repeat SA in a few months time (he's going to take supplements in the meantime) and really hope for better results. I do believe we're going to choose a different lab though because again, I just feel like something is off about this whole thing.
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Re: Question about my husband's SA

Postby revys » Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:47 pm


I just stumbled upon your post and wanted to share my experience. You can pretty much read my story in my signature. Our first SA report was very similar to yours. In fact I dug it out of the paperwork & I'm looking at it as I type. Our report had a number for the sperm count: 0.5million/ml - this is any way not normal since the total collected was 4.5ml. Both Motility & Morphology sections of the report had * on it. Luckily our lab-tech had put 2 sentences in the comments which indicated that within a GRID - the lab tech found less than 10 grade A motile sperm and a couple grade B. Another SA three months later also had similar results. So for us it was a clear case of male infertility and IVF was our only choice, discussing this with the doctor only confirmed our conclusions.
This does NOT mean it's also the case with you. Please don't be upset! Knowledge is power! After speaking to the lab-tech, I was able to get a better idea of how they do SA. Before I get into my story let me add that there is no standard regulations or procedures for lab's across USA to perform SA. Everyone does it their own way though the general process is the same. I'd recommend talking to your lab-tech & potentially getting another lab do the test. Anyway's here's what my lab-tech told me - they poured the semen on special glass sheet under the microscope. This glass sheet had a small glass square built into it - like a collection tray for semen. This square was pre-marked with smaller squares - like a chessboard but all one color. After the semen was cleaned and settled into the glass square, he (our lab-tech) looked at ONE grid from the entire layout and counted sperm within it. what he found was the results I mentioned above. This is pretty much the most common way they do SA in the USA. They hardly look at multiple grids within the same SA unless specifically instructed to. I'm going to try to look for a google pic to better explain the glass square and attach it here. Found and Attached.

So I recommend seeing a urologist, just to get your DH's equipment checked up. Remember, knowledge is power.
Let me know if you need more information. I hope I haven't overloaded you with info. All the best, my dear!
zoomed-in single square source:
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