Please help..

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Please help..

Postby anthrostudent » Mon Apr 13, 2015 12:21 pm

Hi ladies, I'm an Anthropology student conducting a research for my women, bio, culture class. My research topic is fertility drugs and I need a few ladies or couples to interview. I'm in need of serious help and I would immensely appreciate any volunteers. I must add I wont be too intrusive and my interview is only a few questions. Please note I am not spam. My questions are below, I hope you can take the time to answer them
Thank you

1. What is your age and the age of your partner? How long have you been TTC?
2.What fertility medicines/treatments have you had or tried? And if there have been any success stories I would love to hear about them.
3. What has your journey and process trying to conceive been like, to date?
4.Have there been any negative aspects in dealing with doctors, family,friends, and your partner? if so what kind?
5.Why do you want to have kids? do you think its an innate desire women are born with or is it a process of enculturation? (def:the process by which an individual learns the traditional content of a culture and assimilates its practices and values)
Again, I would really appreciate it if I have a few participants, I will not take names.
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